Biography of Bishop Thomas Brunce 1388-1445

Around 1388 Bishop Thomas Brunce was born.

In 1429 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 41) was elected Bishop of Chichester although Bishop Simon Sydenham was awared the position.

On 21 Feb 1435 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 47) was elected Bishop of Rochester.

On 01 May 1435 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 47) was consecrated Bishop of Rochester.

On 21 Sep 1437 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 49) was collated to Bishop of Norwich.

Chronicle of Gregory 1439. 30 Apr 1439. And the laste day of Aprylle deyde the Erle of Warwyke (age 57) at Roone [Map]. Ande the same yere the Cardynalle Archebyschoppe of Yorke (age 59), the Byschoppe of Northewyche (age 51), the Byschoppe of Syn Davys and many othyr docters, and the Duke of Northefolke (age 23), the Erle of Stafford (age 36), the Lorde Bowcer, and the Lorde Hungerforde (age 39), with a grete mayny, wente unto Calys; and they hadde the Duke of Orlyaunce (age 44) with hem for to trete of pes by twyne Ingelonde and Fraunce. And there mette with hem the grete lordys of Fraunce, that ys to wyte, of spyrytualle and temporalle, the Archebyschoppe of Raynys (age 59), whythe many moo byschoppys, the Erle of Wendon (age 63), a the Bastarde of Orlyaunce (age 36), and many othyr lordys of Fraunce; and thedyr come the Byschoppe of Spayne and of Colayne, and many moo othyr dyvers contreys that com fro the Counselle of Basylle.

On 06 Dec 1445 Bishop Thomas Brunce (age 57) died.