Biography of Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley 1855-1923

Paternal Family Tree: Bewicke

On 23 Feb 1854 [his father] Robert Calverley Bewicke (age 35) and [his mother] Mary Teresa Gooch (age 20) were married.

On 08 Apr 1855 Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley was born to Robert Calverley Bewicke (age 36) and Mary Teresa Gooch (age 21) at Shotton Hall [Map].

On 02 Feb 1886 Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 30) and Selina Frances Watson-Copley (age 29) were married.

On 31 Oct 1886 [his father] Robert Calverley Bewicke (age 67) died.

On 17 Sep 1890 [his son] Captain Redvers Lionel Calverley Bewicke-Copley was born to Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 35) and [his wife] Selina Frances Watson-Copley (age 34).

On 05 Apr 1892 Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 36) changed his surname from Bewicke to Bewicke-Copley by Royal Licence.

On 23 May 1893 [his son] Robert Godfrey Wolseley 5th Bewicke-Copley Baron Cromwell was born to Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 38) and [his wife] Selina Frances Watson-Copley (age 37).

On 16 Nov 1909 [his son-in-law] Major Hubert Francis Fitzwilliam Brabazon Foljambe (age 37) and [his daughter] Gladys Bewicke-Copley were married.

On 02 Aug 1916 [his mother] Mary Teresa Gooch (age 82) died.

On 21 Dec 1916 [his son] Captain Redvers Lionel Calverley Bewicke-Copley (age 26) was killed in action. Whilst leading a party repairing trench wiring at Sailly, France, he was shot through the head by a sniper within 20 yards of the German line and killed outright on 21st December 1916. He was Buried at Combles.

Hansard. Debated on 19 Oct 1920. Petition of [his wife] Selina Frances Bewicke-Copley (age 64), wife of Robert Calverley Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 65) (formerly Bewicke), of Sprotborough Hall, Doncaster, and Coulby Manor, Marton, both in the County of York, to His Majesty, praying His Majesty to determine in favour of the said Selina Frances Bewicke-Copley the abeyance now existing in the Barony of Cromwell, together with the rights, privileges, pre-eminences, immunities, and advantages, and the place and precedence due and belonging thereto, to hold the same to her and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten and to be begotten for ever; together with His Majesty's reference thereof to this House, and the report of the Attorney-General thereon thereunto annexed: Presented (by command); read, and referred to the Committee for Privileges to consider and report.

On 27 Mar 1921, Easter Day, Conisbrough War Memorial was unveiled by General Sir Alington-Copley (age 65) … the unveiling was witnessed by over three thousand people…work by Messrs Tyas and Guest…includes the figure in Portland stone standing on a plinth of Bradford stone. On four sides are inscribed the names of 168 Conisboro’ men…the cost of the memorial is £540 and this amount has almost been raised. Source. Penistone, Stocksbridge and Hoyland Express.

In Jun 1923 [his wife] Selina Frances Watson-Copley (age 67) died.

On 23 Jun 1923 Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley (age 68) died of pneumonia at Sprotbrough Hall.

[his daughter] Gladys Bewicke-Copley was born to Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley and Selina Frances Watson-Copley.

The Times. Brigadier General Sir Alington Bewicke Copley, KBE, CB, died on Saturday night at Sprotborough Hall, Doncaster, from pneumonia, aged 68. He had recently returned from a visit to South America.

The elder son of Robert Calverley Bewicke, JP, DL, of Coulby Manor, near Middlesbrough, Robert Calverley Alington Bewicke was born at Shotton Hall [Map], Durham, on April 8, 1855. He was educated at Rugby and Merton College, Oxford. He obtained his commission in the 1st Foot in 1876, transferring to the 60th Foot a year later, and from February to November, 1884, he was ADC to the Lieutenant General of Bengal. He served with the Nile Expedition, 1884 85 (Medal with clasp and bronze star) and in 1888 he graduated at the Staff College. In May, 1890, he was appointed DAAG, Barbados, going in a similar capacity to Ireland two years later. In 1894 he was appointed Military Attaché to the Special Mission to Morocco, and in 1897 he joined the 1st King's Royal Rifles in India and served with the Tirah Relief Force (Medal with clasp)

In November, 1896, he became Assistant Military Secretary and A D C to Lieut Gen Sir Baker Russell, commanding the Forces in Bengal, and whilst holding that post served on the North West Frontier, 1897 98, when he was present at the operations in the Kurram Valley and at the relief of Gulistan, being mentioned in despatches (two clasps), and he also served as DAQMG for Intelligence with the Tirah Expedition, 1898, and again mentioned (clasp) Vacating his Staff appointment in India in June 1898, he was appointed second in command of the 3rd King's Royal Rifles in January, 1899, going with that unit to South Africa later in the year and commanding it in the field. In March 1900, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and posted to the 1st Battalion. Subsequently he was in command of a mobile column. He was at the relief of Ladysmith, including the actions at Colenso, Spion Kop and Vaal Krantz, the operations on Tugela Heights, and the action at Pieter's Hill, being twice mentioned in despatches and given the CB (Queen's Medal with six clasps, King's Medal with two clasps).

In July, 1905, he was appointed AAG, Northern Command, and in May 1909, he was given the command of the 17th Infantry Brigade at Cork. He retired in 1912, but when the War broke out he took the command of the West Riding Volunteers, and was created KBE in 1919. At the last General Election he was Conservative candidate for Doncaster.

In 1886, he married Selina Frances, eldest surviving daughter of Sir Charles Watson Copley, Bt, of Sprotborough Hall and in 1892, on succeeding to Sprotborough jure uxoris he assumed the additional surname and arms of Copley. Lady Bewicke Copley petitioned that the abeyance since 1497 of the ancient barony of Cromwell, created by writ of summons 49, Edward III, should be terminated in her favour. In March, 1922, the Committee of Privileges reported in accordance with her petition.

Sir Alington Bewicke Copley's elder son, Captain A L C Bewicke Copley, Coldstream Guards, was killed in action in 1916. He leaves another son, Captain R G Bewicke Copley, MC, KRRC, and two daughters.

KBE (Military) 1st Type, neck badge and breast star

CB (Military) silver gilt and enamel breast badge, 29 Nov 00

Egypt Medal, clasp 'The Nile 1884 5' (Lieut)

IGS 1895, clasps 'Relief of Chitral 1895' 'Samana 1897' 'Punjab Frontier1897-98'

'Tirah 197 98' (Maj KRRC)

QSA clasps 'Cape Colony' 'Tugela Heights' 'Orange Free State' 'Relief of Ladysmith'

'Transvaal' 'Laings Nek' (Lt Col) KSA clasps 'South Africa 1901' 'South Africa 1902' (Lt Col CB ) 1911 Coronation Medal Khedive's Star 1884-6

Ancestors of Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley 1855-1923

Brigadier-General Alington Bewicke-Copley

Great x 2 Grandfather: Thomas Gooch 4th Baronet

Great x 1 Grandfather: Lieutenant-Colonel William Gooch

Great x 3 Grandfather: William Hayward

Great x 2 Grandmother: Anna Maria Hayward

GrandFather: William Gooch

Mother: Mary Teresa Gooch