Biography of Edward Bayntun 1480-1544

Paternal Family Tree: Bayntun

Around 1492 Edward Bayntun was born to John Bayntun of Bromham at Bronham, Wiltshire.

Before 1505 Edward Bayntun (age 13) and Elizabeth Sulyard were married.

Around 1520 [his son] Edward Baynton was born to Edward Bayntun (age 28) and [his wife] Elizabeth Sulyard.

In 1523 [his daughter] Jane Bayntun was born to Edward Bayntun (age 31) and [his wife] Elizabeth Sulyard.

On 20 Nov 1530 Thomas Arundell of Wardour Castle (age 28) and [his future sister-in-law] Margaret Howard (age 15) were married. He a great x 5 grandson of King Edward III of England.

On 18 Jan 1531 Edward Bayntun (age 39) and Isabel Leigh were married. She the half-sister of Catherine Howard (age 8) their mother was Joyce Culpepper.

Letters and Papers 1535. 16 May 1535. 16 May. R. O. 722. John Smith [of Paul's] to Sir Edward Baynton (age 43).

Whereas the King has been informed of a precious little cross with a crucifix of pure gold and a rich ruby in the side, garnished with 4 great diamonds, 4 great emeralds, 4 large balasses, 12 great orient pearls, amongst the jewels of our church; and upon the King's high affection and pleasure of the sight of the same, I, with other of my brethren residentiaries, were yesterday commanded by Mr. Secretary in the King's name to be with the King with the said cross tomorrow: I ascertain you as my trusty friend that by my special instruction and conveyance his Grace shall have his pleasure thereon, and receive the same of our free gift, trusting in his charitable goodness toward our church of St. Paul.

Whereas my unkind brother, Mr. Incent, has made labour to supplant me out of the deanery house, which I now have by the sufferance of Dr. Sampson, dean of the King's chapel, and on which I have expended £40, and makes labour to have the same authority and government of the deanery of St. Paul's as Dr. Sampson has: I beg you will enterprise in this matter with the Queen for me, considering the diligent love and service I showed her at her coronation, and at the birth of my lady Princess. I have always furthered the promotion of her chaplains against Incent's opposition, who used such odious words as I am ashamed to write. If you can procure me her favour, and prevent Incent's purposes, I will give you two years' rent of my prebend of Alkannynges. Give credence to my servant Thomas Benger. Whit Sunday, 16 May. Signed.

P. 1. Add.: Sir Edward Baynton, vice-chamberlain to the Queen.

Around 1536 [his son] Henry Bayntun was born to Edward Bayntun (age 44) and [his wife] Isabel Leigh.

Imprisonment and Trial of Anne Boleyn and her Co-Accused

Letters 1536. Around 05 May 1536. Otho, C. x. 209 b. B. M. Singer's Cavendish, ii. 225. Ellis, 1 Ser. ii. 61. 799. Sir Edward Baynton (age 44) to Mr. Treasurer (age 46) [Fitzwilliam?].

There is much communication that no man will confess anything against her, but only Marke (age 24) of any actual thing. It would, in my foolish conceit, much touch the King's honor if it should no further appear. I cannot believe but that the other two are as f[ully] culpable as he, but they keep each other's counsel. I think much of the communication which took place on the last occasion between the Queen (age 35) and Master Norres (age 54). Mr. Almoner [told] me that I might speak with Mr. S[ecretary] and you, and more plainly express my opinion in case they have confessed "like wret .... all things as they should do than my n .... at a point." I have mused much at [the conduct] of Mrs. Margery, who hath used her[self] strangely toward me of late, being her friend as I have been. There has been great friendship of late between the Queen and her. I hear further that the Queen standeth stiffly in her opinion, that she wi[ll not be convicted], which I think is in the trust that she [hath in the o]ther two. I will gladly wait upon you. Greenwich, .... morning. Signed.


Letters 1536. 19 May 1536. R. O. 912. Queen Anne Boleyn. Debts owing to the Queen.

Archbishop of Canterbury, £400 Bishop of Salisbury, £200 Sir Edward Baynton (age 44), £200 John Asheley, £100 Mr. Harper, £50 Edm. Harvy, £33 6s. 8d. George Tayllour, £30 Sir James Boleyn (age 71), "as I think," £50 The lady of Worcester, "as I think," £101, £73 6s. 8d.

With Tomson at Greenwich, 6 "kene." Gold and silver plate, a great gold chain, many great strange pieces of gold and "suffrance" in the keeping of Ant. Deny at Westminster. 2 ivory altar candlesticks and a pair of knives trimmed with gold with George Tayllour. Hangings at Hanworth, and other things in Mr. Lovell's keeping. Bedding and hangings at Greenwich, in Tomson's keeping. Owing of the last half-year, ended at Michaelmas, £400, whereof there are divers bills to be paid. Nothing is received for this half year ended at Lady Day.

Pp. 2. Endd.: Certain debts due to the late Queen Anne.

Letters 1536. 20 Jun 1536. R. O. 1171. "Obligations." A list of bonds owing by different persons, the latest in date being 20 June 28 Henry VIII. The first is dated 14 Jan. 26 Henry VIII., and falls due at Christmas 1536. The names are as follows: Nicholas Stathame, Sir John Gage, Edmund Lynney, John Adams and Thomas Dethike, Thomas Cornewall, John Clifforde, Thomas Adington, John Watson, brewer, William Barlow, rector of Cressyngham, Richard Parker, cook, Raynolde Vaughan, Robert Sharpe, John Hughes, John Chekyn, Chr. à Lye, William Simondes, John Gate, clerk, Chr. Coo, John Harwood, Humfrey Farrar, Edward Leighton, clk., Robert Bolles, Thomas Tong, herald, Edward Leyton, priest, William Dod, Perpoint Donaunter, Sir John Russell, the Bishop of Winchester, Richard Long, Chr. Bendolos, Sir Edward Baynton (age 44), Alan Hawte, Chas. Knevett, Thomas Somer, stockfishmonger, William Dod, Robert Carter, and Thomas Tanner, of Oxford. Ant. Knyvett, Thomas Leyton, gent, William Houynes, and Richard Couper, Sir John Wallop, Florencius Volusenus, John Aylman, Sir John Seyntloo, Robert Sharparowe, and Robert Harding. The prior of St. Sepulchre, Warwick, Chr. Halles, Sir John Dudley, the prior of Lenton, Sir Francis Bigott, Thomas Wyat, the mayor of Oxford, John Tregian, Chr. Jenney, the prior of St. Swithins, George and Nicholas Gifforde, George Carrowe, Edward Rogers and John Zouche, Sir Arthur Darcy, Sir Edward Seymer (age 36), Richard Atzell, Sir Francis Brian, and Sir Richard Bulkeley.

Pp. 11.

Letters 1536. Jun 1536R. O. 1257. Debts to the King.

i. Money due to the King by obligations in the hands of John Gostwyk "by way of forren receipt." The debtors are the abbot of St. Alban's, Thos. Alen of Rayley, Sir Edward Baynton (age 44), the bishop of Bangor, William Byrryton of Stoke Lacy, Heref., the prior of Barnewell; Sir James Bollen (age 71) and William Shelton of London for the lord Rocheford's debts, £100; the archbishop of Dublin, for the lord Rocheford's debts, £300; lord Barnes, the abbot of Combermere, John Cooke of Twiforde, the bishop of Chester, the archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Chancellor, the abbot of Valla Crucis, abbot of Crowland, earl of Worcester, earl of Rutland, George Frith of Kelledon, Nic. Fytton of Little Hereforde, Roland Goodman of London; James Griffith Appowell and Walter Bowles of Westfelde, John Goodryk and Robt. Cheseman, abbot of Leicester, William Leigh, gentleman usher, bishop of Lincoln, Thomas Marshall, clk., and William Marshall of London, Richard ap Morres Gough, John Norton of Norton, Ralph Pexsall, Thomas Parker, president of Hereford; Thomas Patter and William Patmer, William Pawne, the prior of Royston; John Rastell and Martin Pirry, Sir William Skevington, Richard Suthwell, William Standish of Kendal, Sir Thos. Tempest, John West of Ringwod, clk., Sir Thomas Wharton, the abbot of Waverley, John Wyse of Sydenham; John Williams and Edward Walwyn, the senate of Lubeck, £3,333 6s. 8d.

Sums (except the last) varying from £4 to £700, the latter being the amount owed by lord Barnes.

ii. Due from the late bishop of Norwich's debts:—

Edm. Knevet of Shelton, Thos. Picarell and Thomas Necton, aldermen of Norwich, Thos. Barbour and Robt. Bray of Ipswich, Thos. Wodhous and Augustine Stewarde of Norwich, Leonard Spencer and Robt. Palmer of Bloffelde, William Raynebalde of Ipswich and Augustine Stewarde of Norwich, Sir Ant. Wingfield and Sir Thos. Russhe, the abbot of Langley and prior of Beeston, &c., William Crane of the King's chapel, Ric. Bisshop of Yarmouth, Gilb. Grise of Yarmouth, Alice Coll of Norwich, the prior of the Trinity in Ipswich, Philip Bedingfelde of Dichingham, Ant. Grise of Brodisshe, Sir Humph. Wyngfelde, Robt. Garrarde of Norwich, Ric. Catlyn, Ric. Lacy of Hoxon, John Aylegood of Weybrode, John Pryour of Wanforde, Thos. Smythe of Aye, Sir James Bolleyne (age 71), Thos. Reve of Molton, Thos. Felton of Playforde, Philip Barnarde of Yarmouth, William Blomefelde of Norwich, Thos. Sherle and Edmund Boner parson of East Deram, Thos. Maunde parson of Hokkering, William Hogeson of Hardingham, George Graves parson of Banham, John Scott of Grablesham, Robt. Bosshall of Titeshale, Robt. Thorneham of Routon, William Cutler of Knapton, William Birde of Fulmodeston, Walter Westcote of North Beresham, Ric. Bailly of South Creke, William Percy of Southrey, John Reder of Bekkiswell, Henry Cadybut of Cranewise, John Chapman of Cressingham Parva, William Bollein (age 45) of Holt St. Andrew, Simon Riseley of Stokesby, William Whyte of Rollesby, Arnold Whitton of Wytton, Robt. Childe of Styneley, Andrew Dey of Dunham, Thos. Aspall of Fraunceham, John Haryson of Marton, Robt. Jakler of Asshell, Augustine Firkyll of Worlington, Ant. Emery of Horam, John Askewe of Trymley, Ric. Stanyngborough of Kyrton, Thos. Bedingfelde of Alderton, Hugh Tilleney of Cambridge, Ric. Humer of Barston, William Stevens of Olton.

On 27 Nov 1544 Edward Bayntun (age 52) died.

After 27 Nov 1544 James Stumpe and [his former wife] Isabel Leigh were married.

Around 1565 Thomas Stafford (age 85) and [his former wife] Isabel Leigh were married.

On 16 Feb 1573 [his former wife] Isabel Leigh died.

Ralph Leigh and Margaret Ireland were married.

Ellis' Letters S1 V2 Letter. Edward Baynton to the Treasurer: declaring that only one person named Mark, will confess any thing against Queen Anne.

[MS. Cotton. Otho C. C. Fol. 209. b. Orig.]

Mr Thesaurer this shalbe to advertyse yow that here is myche communycacion that noman will confesse any thyng agaynst her, but allonly Marke of any actuell thynge. Wherfore (in my folishe conceyte) it shulde myche toche the Kings hono r if it shulde no farther appeere. And I cannot beleve but that the other two bee as f .... culpapull as ever was hee. And I thynke assur .... the on kepith the others councell. As many .... conjectures in my my nde causeth me to thynk ..a. specially of the communycacion that was last bet .... the Quene and Master Norres. M. Aumener .... me as I wolde I myght speke with Mr. S and yow together more playnely expresse my .... yf case be that they have confessyd like wret .... all thyngs as they shulde do than my n .... at apoynte. I have mewsed myche at .... of mastres Margery whiche hath used her .... strangely toward me of late being her fry .... a as I have ben. But no dowte it cann .... but that she must be of councell therewith .... hath ben great fryndeship betwene the Q .... her of late. I herefarther that the Que .... standlith styfly in her opynyon that she wo .... whiche I thynke is in the trust that she .... ther two. But if yor busynes be suche .... not com I wolde gladly com and wayte ke it requysyte. From Grenewy .... mornyng.


Note a. frynd.