Biography of Frederick Mackenzie 1788-1854

Frederick Mackenzie 1788-1854 is in Painters.

Around 1788 Frederick Mackenzie was born.

Nov 1803. Frederick Mackenzie (age 15). Lincoln Cathedral [Map] interior. A detailed line drawing of the interior of Lincoln Cathedral, viewed from the south aisle of the Angel Choir [Map] (this part of the choir was sometimes referred to as the presbytery as it was traditionally reserved for the clergy) with its 13th-century clerestory. On the far wall is the famous 15th century transi tomb (a tomb with a sculpture of a cadaver) of Bishop Richard Fleming, in front of the Fleming family's chantry chapel. The elaborate tombs on the right are those of Sir Nicholas de Cantilupe (d. 1355) and Canon Wimbishe of Norton.

1811. Frederick Mackenzie (age 23). South Ambulatory, Westminster Abbey [Map].

01 Apr 1818. Frederick Mackenzie (age 30). York Minster [Map]. The History And Antiquities Of The Metropolitan Church Of York; Illustrated By A Series Of Engravings, Of Views, Elevations, Plans, and Details Of The Architecture of that Edifice: With Biographical Anecdotes Of The Archbishops. By John Britton, F.S.A. - London: 1819

Around 1850. Frederick Mackenzie (age 62). Lincoln Cathedral [Map] from the North West.

Before 1854. Frederick Mackenzie (age 65). Norwich Cathedral [Map]. This work comes from one of sixteen volumes of Royal Academy Annual Exhibition catalogues that were collected and extra-illustrated by the lawyer and antiquarian Edward Basil Jupp F.S.A. (1812 - 1877). The catalogues span the period from the first annual exhibition in 1769 up to 1875. Jupp added drawings, prints, letters and autographs by, or referring to, Academicians and other exhibitors at the Academy's annual exhibition.

Before 1854. Frederick Mackenzie (age 65). Lincoln Cathedral [Map] from the Cloisters [Map].

On 25 Apr 1854 Frederick Mackenzie (age 66) died.