Biography of John Washington 1632-1677

Paternal Family Tree: Washington

On 01 Feb 1632 John Washington was born to Lawrence Washington (age 30) and Amphilis Twigden (age 23) at Purleigh.

On 21 Jan 1653 [his father] Lawrence Washington (age 51) died.

On 19 Jan 1654 [his mother] Amphilis Twigden (age 45) died at Tring, Hertfordshire [Map].

Around Nov 1658 or early 1659 John Washington (age 26) and Anne Pope (age 22) were married. Her father Colonel Nathaniel Pope (age 55) gave them a wedding gift of of 2.8 km2 on Mattox Creek as well as a loan of 80 pounds for startup expenses.

Around 1659 John Washington (age 26) purchased 0.4km2 on Bridge Creek near the confluence with the Potomac River, and settled there.

In Oct 1659 [his son] Lawrence Washington was born to John Washington (age 27) and [his wife] Anne Pope (age 23).

by 1668 John Washington (age 35) was growing tobacco, with holdings of 20 km2.

In Sep 1669 John Washington (age 37) and Anne Gerrard (age 39) were married. He would, seven years later, marry her sister Frances Gerard (age 39); an example of Married to Two Siblings.

On 26 Sep 1669 [his wife] Anne Pope (age 33) died at Westmoreland County. She was buried at Bridge Creek.

In 1675 [his wife] Anne Gerrard (age 44) died at Stafford.

On 20 Mar 1676 John Washington (age 44) and Frances Gerard (age 46) were married. She the sister of his first wife Anne Gerrard; an example of Married to Two Siblings.

On 16 Sep 1677 John Washington (age 45) died at Washington Parish. He was buried at Westmoreland County.

Around 1696 [his former wife] Frances Gerard (age 65) died at Westmoreland County.

[his father] Lawrence Washington and [his mother] Amphilis Twigden were married.

Royal Descendants of John Washington 1632-1677

President George Washington x 1

Ancestors of John Washington 1632-1677

Great x 4 Grandfather: Robert Washington

Great x 3 Grandfather: John Washington

Great x 2 Grandfather: Lawrence Washington

Great x 1 Grandfather: Robert Washington

GrandFather: Lawrence Washington

Father: Lawrence Washington

Great x 1 Grandfather: William Butler

GrandMother: Margaret Butler

John Washington

GrandFather: John Twigden

Mother: Amphilis Twigden

Great x 1 Grandfather: William Dickens

GrandMother: Anne Dickens