Biography of Matthew Redman 1328-1389

Paternal Family Tree: Redman

Matthew Redman served in France and Spain under John of Gaunt 1st Duke Lancaster.

In or before 1328 Matthew Redman was born to Matthew Redman (age 24) at Levens Hall Levens.

Around 1350 [his son] Richard Redman Master of the Horse was born to Matthew Redman (age 22) and [his future wife] Joan Fitzhenry Baroness Greystoke (age 17) at Levens Hall Levens.

Before 18 Oct 1353 William Greystoke 2nd Baron Greystoke (age 32) and [his future wife] Joan Fitzhenry Baroness Greystoke (age 20) were married. She by marriage Baroness Greystoke. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England.

After 10 Jul 1359 Matthew Redman (age 31) and Joan Fitzhenry Baroness Greystoke (age 26) were married.

Before Apr 1360 [his father] Matthew Redman (age 57) died at Carlisle, Cumberland [Map].

Around 1370 [his son] Matthew Redman died.

In 1370 Matthew Redman (age 42) was at the Court of the King of Portugal, probably on some diplomatic mission.

In 1377 [his step-son] Ralph Greystoke 3rd Baron Greystoke (age 23) and Catherine Clifford Baroness Greystoke (age 8) were married at Brougham Castle [Map]. She by marriage Baroness Greystoke. They were third cousins. He a great x 5 grandson of King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England. She a great x 5 granddaughter of King John "Lackland" of England.

Froissart. Before 05 Aug 1388. As at that time the earl of Northumberland and the other lords and knights of that country knew nothing of their coming. When tidings came to Newcastle and to Durham that the Scots were abroad, and that they might well see by the fires and smoke abroad in the country, the earl (age 46) sent to Newcastle his two sons [Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) and Ralph Percy (age 29)] and sent commandment to every man to draw to Newcastle, saying to his sons: 'Ye shall go to Newcastle and all the country shall assemble there, and I shall tarry at Alnwick, which is a passage that they must pass by. If we may enclose them, we shall speed well.' Sir Henry Percy (age 46) and sir Ralph (age 29) his brother obeyed their father's commandment and came thither with them of the country. The Scots rode burning and exiling the country, that the smoke thereof came to Newcastle. The Scots came to the gates of Durham and scrimmished there; but they tarried not long but returned, as they had ordained before to do, and that they found by the way took and destroyed it. Between Durham and Newcastle is but twelve leagues English and a good country: there was no town, without it were closed, but it was brent, and they repassed the river of Tyne where they had passed before, and then came before Newcastle and there rested. All the English knights and esquires of the country of York and bishopric of Durham were assembled at Newcastle, and thither came the seneschal of York, sir Ralph Lumley (age 28), sir Matthew Redman (age 60), captain of Berwick, sir Robert Ogle (age 36), sir Thomas Grey, sir Thomas Holton, sir John Felton, sir John Lilleburn, sir Thomas Abingdon, the baron of Hilton, sir John Coppledike and divers other, so that the town was so full of people that they wist not where to lodge.

Battle of Otterburn

On either 05 Aug 1388 or 19 Aug 1388 a Scottish army commanded by John Swinton defeated an English army commanded by Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) during the Battle of Otterburn at Otterburn [Map]. Henry "Hotspur" Percy (age 24) and his brother Ralph Percy (age 29) were captured as was Matthew Redman (age 60). The English suffered 1000 killed, 2000 captured. The Scottish 100 killed, 200 captured.

On the Scottish side James Douglas 2nd Earl Douglas (age 30) was killed. His sister Isabel Douglas Countess Mar (age 28) succeeded Countess Mar.

John Dunbar 1st Earl of Moray (age 46) fought.

Before 1390 Matthew Redman (age 62) died.

Before 1390 Matthew Redman (age 62) was appointed Constable of of Roxburgh Castle.

On 01 Sep 1403 [his former wife] Joan Fitzhenry Baroness Greystoke (age 70) died.

[his son] Matthew Redman was born to Matthew Redman and Joan Fitzhenry Baroness Greystoke.

Royal Descendants of Matthew Redman 1328-1389

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom x 1

Queen Consort Camilla Shand x 1

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Father: Matthew Redman

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