Biography of Samuel Gale 1682-1752

On 01 Jan 1673 [his father] Thomas Gale (age 38) and [his mother] Barbara Pepys were married.

On 17 Dec 1682 Samuel Gale was born to Thomas Gale (age 47) and Barbara Pepys in the parish of St Faith's under St Paul's [Map].

Before 1689 [his step-father] Thomas Gale Scholar (age 54) and [his mother] Barbara Pepys were married.

In 1689 [his mother] Barbara Pepys died.

On 08 Apr 1702 [his father] Thomas Gale (age 67) died.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 12 Feb 1718. Mr Samuel Gale (age 35) Treasurer is authorized to pay Mr Vertue (age 34) two guineas toward engraving the font of St James church. It is proposed for the second time to engrave RII'd's picture and agreed.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 07 May 1718. Bought by the Society the Portrait of Edwrd the Third for a Guinea which Mr Treasurer (age 35) is ordered to pay.

Mr Bostue had the Drawing of Richard II delivered to him by Mr Director (age 40) in order for engraving, for which he is to be paid Twenty Guineas. Mr Director [?] gives the use of the Drawing to the Society.

In order to defray the expenses, it is found necessary to raise a voluntary Subscription of Seven Shillings and Six Pence aa [?] of as many [?], for which they [?] the equivalent in prints of the same when finished.

Mr Vertue (age 34) gives the Copper Plate, he is to be paid five Guineas down, five guineas when half finished, and the rest uponm delivery.

In the margin: Pictures of Henry VII and Eliza: his wife

Bought by the Society of Dr Stukeley (age 30), Secretary, an old picture of Elizabeth wife of Harry VII for £12 0s 6d which Mr Tresurer is order to pay.

Bought by the Society an old picture of Henry VII for £1 0s 4d which Mr Treasurer (age 35) is ordered to pay to Mr Norroy (age 57).

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 12 Jun 1718. Mr Samuel Gale (age 35) presented to the Society a print of the Ground Plot and Prospect of Hull by Holler, for which their thanks and ordered to be returned to him.

He likewise brought a letter from the Reverend Dr Knight a Member of the Society containing an account of a large skeleton found near Chippenham, Cambs, with massey [?] chains and fetters, dug up near him and some penates dug up at Devizes.

Mr President (age 57) being obliged to be in the country for the summer season was pleased to propose for Vice-President during his absence, Mr George Holmes (age 56) which was unamimously approved of by the Society.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 24 Dec 1718. Mr Vertue (age 34) brought a proof of the Plate of Richard II which had the initial approbation of the Society and their thanks for his Care and Accuracy therein and Mr Treasurer (age 36) was ordered to pay him five Guineas more in part of this Agreement for Engraving.

Mr Vice-President (age 56) by the [?] of the Society ordered Mr Director (age 41) to provide us a Box to lay up the Books in.

Mr Samuel Gale (age 36) brough several Antique Roman Vessels dug up at Port Mahon, and likewise as Treasurer exhibited where it appears he has [?] in Money upon Amount £29:04:06 and has paid £22:4:4. So remains in his hands £07:00:02.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 07 Jan 1719. The Society Balloted for the Officers for this Year ensuing and the present President (age 57), Secretary (age 31), Director (age 41), and Treasurer (age 36) were unanimously Elected and declared.

The Question being proposed wheather or no, any member should have liberty to subscribe for prints in a larger than common proportion, it by way of ballot carryed in the Negative.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 14 Jan 1719. It was proposed by Mr President (age 57) wheather every subscriber to the Plate of Richard II have each five prints, and by Ballot carried in the Affirmation, for their 7s:6d.

It was ordered that the Right Reverend Father in God the Bishop of Rochester & Dean of Westminster (age 55), for giving leave to take the Drawing be presented with two of the said prints, and that Mr Director (age 41) and Mr Treasurer (age 36) be desired to wait upon him on that Amount.

Mr Director (age 41) brought in a proof of an Etched Plate of a Roman Lamp, to be used as a Symbol or Ticket of the Society which he was pleased to make a present of to the Society for which their unanimous thanks were ordered to be given to him.

Minutes of the Society of Antiquaries. 11 Mar 1719. It was proposed that [?] noblemen and persons of quality as please to be members of the Society may be admitted by Ballot.

Ordered the same day a dividend of one print more of Ulphus's Horn to every member.

Resolved that Mr Vertue (age 35) goe to Kensington Pallace to view the pictures of Holbein, copied there by Remy, the originals being burned in Whitehall.

Resolved that in Mr Samuel Gale's (age 36) dissertation upon Ulphus's Horn be revised by Mr President (age 58), [his brother] Mr Roger Gale (age 46), Mr Mickleton and Mr Holmes (age 57), or any three of them, and then printed.

NB. Ten members were present when the last resolution was made.

In 1739 William Stukeley (age 51) and [his sister] Elizabeth Gale (age 51) were married. She the sister of his great friend Samuel Gale (age 56). She brought a substantial marriage portion to the marriage.

On 10 Jan 1754 Samuel Gale (age 71) died.

Ancestors of Samuel Gale 1682-1752

Father: Thomas Gale

Samuel Gale

Great x 4 Grandfather: William Pepys of Cottenham

Great x 3 Grandfather: William Pepys of Cottenham

Great x 2 Grandfather: John Pepys of Impington

Great x 1 Grandfather: Talbot Pepys

GrandFather: Roger Pepys

Mother: Barbara Pepys