Biography of Samuel Pegge 1704-1796

Samuel Pegge 1704-1796 is in Antiquaries.

Before 05 Nov 1704 [his father] Christopher Pegge and [his mother] Getrude Stephenson were married.

On 05 Nov 1704 Samuel Pegge was born to Christopher Pegge and Getrude Stephenson.

In 1722 Samuel Pegge (age 17) became a pensioner and scholar of St John's College, Cambridge University [Map], graduating BA in 1725, MA in 1729.

In 1723 [his father] Christopher Pegge died.

On 21 Mar 1726 Samuel Pegge (age 21) was elected to a lay fellowship on the Beresford foundation of his college but was removed in favour of Michael Burton (afterwards vice-master of St. John's), who claimed founder's kin.

In 1730 Samuel Pegge (age 25) was elected to the Spalding Gentlemen's Society.

On 13 Apr 1732 Samuel Pegge (age 27) and Anne Clarke were married.

In Jul 1746 [his wife] Anne Clarke died.

Archaeologia Volume 4 Section VIII. Observations on Kit’s Cotty House [Map], in Kent. In a Letter to the Honourable Daines Barrington (age 56), from the Reverend Mr Pegge (age 69). Read at the Society of Antiquaries, Jan. 13, 1774.

Archaeologia Volume 7 Section XIII. A Disquisition on the Lows or Barrows in the Peak of Derbyshire, particularly that capital British Monument called Arbelows [Map]. By the Rev. Mr. Pegge (age 80).

Archaeologia Volume 8 Section III. 02 Nov 1785. Observations by the Rev. Mr. Pegge (age 80) on the Stanton-Moor Urns, and Druidical Temple [Map]. In a Letter to Major Rooke (age 62). Read November 2,. 1785;

Archaeologia Volume 9 Section XVII. Discoveries in opening a Tumulus [Garratts Piece Barrow [Map]] in Derbyshire. In a Letter from the Rev. Mr. Pegge (age 83) to the Rev. John Brand, Secretary. Read May 8, 1788.

Archaeologia Volume 10 Section IV. Some Observations on the Paintings in the Window of Brereton Church [Map]. By the Rev. Samuel Pegge (age 85), in a Letter to Owen Salusbury Brereton (age 74), Esq. Vice President. Read Nov. 26, 1789.

Archaeologia Volume 12 Section I. Antiquities discovered in Derbyshire. In a Letter from Hayman Rooke (age 70), Esq. F. S. A. to the Rev. Dr. Pegge (age 89), F. S. A. Read November 21, 1793.

On 14 Feb 1796 Samuel Pegge (age 91) died.

Ancestors of Samuel Pegge 1704-1796

Father: Christopher Pegge

Samuel Pegge

GrandFather: Francis Stephenson of Unstone, Chesterfield

Mother: Getrude Stephenson