Biography of Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967

Paternal Family Tree: Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967 is in Poets.

Before 08 Sep 1886 [his father] Alfred Ezra Sassoon (age 25) and [his mother] Theresa Thornycroft (age 33) were married.

On 08 Sep 1886 Siegfried Sassoon was born to Alfred Ezra Sassoon (age 25) and Theresa Thornycroft (age 33).

In 1895 [his father] Alfred Ezra Sassoon (age 34) died.

May 1906. Siegfried Sassoon (age 19), front, with his brother [his brother] Hamo (age 19) and other students on the morning after a college May Ball at Cambridge University in 1906

Hamo Watts Sassoon: In 1887 he was born to Alfred Ezra Sassoon and Theresa Thornycroft.

1915. George Charles Beresford (age 50). Portrait of Siegfried Sassoon (age 28).

The London Gazette 29175. 28 May 1915. The undermentioned to be Second Lieu tenants (on probation). Dated 29th May, 1915:

Charles Eliott Hamilton, 3rd Battalion, East Kent Regiment.

William Peirce Waddington, 3rd Battalion, Royal Lancaster Regiment.

Wilfred Justice Judge, 5th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers.

George Bertram Ashworth, 3rd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.

Reginald Townley Edwards, 3rd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.

Vivian Hayton Maasdorp, 3rd Battalion. Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Siefried Lorraine Sassoon (age 28), 3rd Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

Arthur Charles Walsh, 4th Battalion, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

John Christopher Wilson, 5th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment.

Margetts Mitchell, 3rd Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

Archibald Valentine Maunder, 3rd Battalion, West Riding Regiment.

1917. Glyn Philpot (age 32). Portrait of Siegfried Sassoon (age 30).

The Old Huntsman is a 1917 collection of poems by Siegfried Sassoon (age 30).

The London Gazette 31221. 07 Mar 1919. 3rd E. W. Fus.

Capt. N. G. C. McClellan is placed on the ret. list on .account of ill-health contracted on active service. 1919. 12th Mar. 1919.

Lt. (actg. Capt.) S. L. Sassoon (age 32), M.C., relinquishes .his actg. rank, is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health caused by wounds, 12th Mar. 1919, and is granted the rank of Capt.

In Jul 1947 [his mother] Theresa Thornycroft (age 94) died.

On 01 Sep 1967 Siegfried Sassoon (age 80) died. He was buried at St Andrew's Church, Mells.

The London Gazette 29684. 2nd Lt. Siegfried Lorraine Sassoon, 3rd (attd. 1st) Bn., R. W. Fus. For conspicuous gallantry during a raid on the enemy's trenches. He remained for 1½ hours under rifle and bomb fire collecting and bringing, in our wounded. Owing to his courage and determination all the killed and wounded were brought in.

Ancestors of Siegfried Sassoon 1886-1967

Great x 2 Grandfather: Sassoon ben Saleh

Great x 1 Grandfather: David Sassoon

Great x 2 Grandmother: Amam Gabbai

GrandFather: Sassoon David Sassoon

Great x 1 Grandmother: Farha Hyeem

Father: Alfred Ezra Sassoon

Great x 1 Grandfather: Ezekiel Abraham Gubbay

GrandMother: Flora Gubbay aka Sassoon

Great x 4 Grandfather: Sassoon ben Saleh

Great x 3 Grandfather: David Sassoon

Great x 4 Grandmother: Amam Gabbai

Great x 2 Grandfather: Albert aka Abdullah Sassoon 1st Baronet

Great x 3 Grandmother: Hannah Joseph

Great x 1 Grandmother: Aziza Abraham Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon

Great x 1 Grandfather: John Thornycroft

GrandFather: Thomas Thornycroft

Mother: Theresa Thornycroft