Biography of Thomas Browne 1605-1682

Thomas Browne 1605-1682 is in Polymaths.

On 19 Oct 1605 Thomas Browne was born to Thomas Browne of Upton in Cheshire (age 45).

In 1613 [his father] Thomas Browne of Upton in Cheshire (age 53) died.

Around 1647 [his daughter] Anne Browne was born to Thomas Browne (age 41).

Before 02 Apr 1663 [his son-in-law] Henry Fairfax (age 17) and [his daughter] Anne Browne (age 16) were married. She the daughter of Thomas Browne (age 57).

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Oct 1671. Next morning, I went to see Sir Thomas Browne (age 65) (with whom I had some time corresponded by letter, though I had never seen him before); his whole house and garden being a paradise and cabinet of rarities; and that of the best collection, especially medals, books, plants, and natural things. Among other curiosities, Sir Thomas (age 65) had a collection of the eggs of all the fowl and birds he could procure, that country (especially the promontory of Norfolk) being frequented, as he said, by several kinds which seldom or never go further into the land, as cranes, storks, eagles, and variety of water fowl. He led me to see all the remarkable places of this ancient city, being one of the largest, and certainly, after London, one of the noblest of England, for its venerable cathedral [Map], number of stately churches, cleanness of the streets, and buildings of flint so exquisitely headed and squared, as I was much astonished at; but he told me they had lost the art of squaring the flints, in which they so much excelled, and of which the churches, best houses, and walls, are built. The Castle [Map] is an antique extent of ground, which now they call Marsfield, and would have been a fitting area to have placed the Ducal palace in. The suburbs are large, the prospects sweet, with other amenities, not omitting the flower gardens, in which all the inhabitants excel. The fabric of stuffs brings a vast trade to this populous town.

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Oct 1671. My Lord Henry Howard (age 43) coming this night to visit my Lord Chamberlain, and staying a day, would needs have me go with him to Norwich, Norfolk [Map], promising to convey me back, after a day or two; this, as I could not refuse, I was not hard to be pursuaded to, having a desire to see that famous scholar and physician, Dr. T. Browne (age 65), author of the Religio Medici and Vulgar Errors, now lately knighted. Thither, then, went my Lord and I alone, in his flying chariot with six horses; and by the way, discoursing with me of several of his concerns, he acquainted me of his going to marry his eldest son (age 43) to one of the King's (age 41) natural daughters [Note. Either Anne Fitzroy Countess Sussex (age 10) or Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield (age 7).], by the Duchess of Cleveland (age 30); by which he reckoned he should come into mighty favor. He also told me that, though he kept that idle creature, Mrs. B-- [Note. Jane Bickerton Duchess Norfolk (age 28)], and would leave £200 a year to the son [Note. Henry Howard and Jane Bickerton had three sons; not clear which is being referred to since the eldest may have died and the reference may be to a surviving son.] he had by her, he would never marry her, and that the King (age 41) himself had cautioned him against it. All the world knows how he kept his promise [Note. meaning he didn't keep his promise since Henry Howard did marry Jane Bickerton - this a case of John Evelyn writing his diary retrospectively?], and I was sorry at heart to hear what now he confessed to me; and that a person and a family which I so much honored for the sake of that noble and illustrious friend of mine, his grandfather, should dishonor and pollute them both with those base and vicious courses he of late had taken since the death of Sir Samuel Tuke (age 56), and that of his own virtuous lady (my Lady Anne Somerset, sister to the Marquis); who, while they lived, preserved this gentleman by their example and advice from those many extravagances that impaired both his fortune and reputation.

On 19 Oct 1682 Thomas Browne (age 77) died.