Biography of Walter Crane 1845-1915

Walter Crane 1845-1915 is in Painters.

On 15 Aug 1845 Walter Crane was born to Thomas Crane (age 37) and Marie Kearsley m Crane in Liverpool, Lancashire [Map].

In Jul 1859 [his father] Thomas Crane (age 51) died.

1862. Walter Crane (age 16). "The The Lady of Shalott". Part 4 Stanza 5 in which The Lady of Shalott dies.

1865. Walter Crane (age 19). "La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats".

On 06 Sep 1871 Walter Crane (age 26) and Mary Frances Andrews (age 25) were married.

On 06 May 1876 [his son] Lionel Francis Crane was born to Walter Crane (age 30) and [his wife] Mary Frances Andrews (age 30).

1883. Walter Crane (age 37). "Diana and Endymion".

1893. Walter Crane (age 47). "The Union Street Fire".

Before 1904. George Frederick Watts (age 86). Portrait of Walter Crane (age 58).

1905. Walter Crane (age 59). "The Briar Rose".

In Jul 1913 [his son] Lionel Francis Crane (age 37) and [his daughter-in-law] Gertrude Sandys (age 41) were married. an example of Married to Two Siblings - following her death in 1920 he married her sister Winifred Gertrude Sandys (age 42). She the illegitmate daughter of Frederick Sandys and Mary Emma Jones aka "Miss Clive" (age 68). He the son of Walter Crane (age 67) and Mary Frances Andrews (age 67).

On 18 Dec 1914 [his wife] Mary Frances Andrews (age 68) died.

Before 1915. Walter Crane (age 69). "Laura Reading".

On 14 Mar 1915 Walter Crane (age 69) died at Horsham Hospital, West Sussex.