Europe, British Isles, South-East England, Surrey, Southwark Cathedral [Map]

Southwark Cathedral is in Southwark, Surrey [Map].

1407 Marriage of Edmund Holland Earl of Kent and Lucia Visconti

1424 Marriage of James I of Scotland and Joan Beaufort

1460 Murder of Lord Scales

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1023. This year returned King Knute (age 28) to England; and Thurkyll and he were reconciled. He committed Denmark and his son to the care of Thurkyll, whilst he took Thurkyll's son with him to England. This year died Archbishop Wulfstan; and Elfric succeeded him; and Archbishop Egelnoth blessed him in Canterbury. This year King Knute (age 28) in London, in St. Paul's minster [Map], gave full leave60 to Archbishop Ethelnoth, Bishop Britwine, and all God's servants that were with them, that they might take up from the grave the archbishop, Saint Elphege. And they did so, on the sixth day before the ides of June; and the illustrious king, and the archbishop, and the diocesan bishops, and the earls, and very many others, both clergy and laity, carried by ship his holy corpse over the Thames to Southwark [Map]. And there they committed the holy martyr to the archbishop and his companions; and they with worthy pomp and sprightly joy carried him to Rochester. There on the third day came the Lady Emma (age 38) with her royal son Hardacnute (age 5); and they all with much majesty, and bliss, and songs of praise, carried the holy archbishop into Canterbury Cathedral [Map], and so brought him gloriously into the church, on the third day before the ides of June. Afterwards, on the eighth day, the seventeenth before the calends of July, Archbishop Ethelnoth, and Bishop Elfsy, and Bishop Britwine, and all they that were with them, lodged the holy corpse of Saint Elphege on the north side of the altar of Christ; to the praise of God, and to the glory of the holy archbishop, and to the everlasting salvation of all those who there his holy body daily seek with earnest heart and all humility. May God Almighty have mercy on all Christian men through the holy intercession of Elphege!

Note 60. Matthew of Westminster says the king took up the body with his own hands.

On 21 Oct 1268 Bishop Ainan II was consecrated at Southwark Cathedral [Map] by Archbishop Boniface Savoy (age 61) and Bishop Walter Branscombe (age 48).

Marriage of Edmund Holland Earl of Kent and Lucia Visconti

Chronicle of Gregory 1403-1419. 24 Jan 1407. Ande that yere the Erle of Kent (age 23) weddyd the Erlys doughter (age 27) of Mylayne, at Synt Mary Overeys in Sowtheworke [Map], the xiiij day of Juylle..

Note. Other sources say 24 Jan 1407?

On 24 Jan 1407 Edmund Holland 4th Earl Kent (age 23) and Lucia Visconti Countess Kent (age 27) were married at Southwark Cathedral [Map]. She by marriage Countess Kent. He was killed eighteen month's later at the Battle of Île de Bréhat. He the son of Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent and Alice Fitzalan Countess Kent (age 57). He a great x 2 grandson of King Edward "Longshanks" I of England.

Marriage of James I of Scotland and Joan Beaufort

On 12 Feb 1424 King James I of Scotland (age 29) and Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland (age 20) were married at Southwark Cathedral [Map]. She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. She the daughter of John Beaufort 1st Marquess Somerset and Dorset and Margaret Holland Duchess Clarence (age 39). He the son of King Robert III of Scotland and Anabella Drummond Queen Consort Scotland. He a great x 5 grandson of King John "Lackland" of England. She a great granddaughter of King Edward III of England.

Murder of Lord Scales

Chronicle of Gregory 1460. 20 Jul 1460. As for the sege of the Towre, hyt ys com1 and opyn i-knowe, I passe ovyr. But sone aftyr the ende of the sege the Lorde Schalys (age 63), that notabylle warryoure, was slayne at Synt Mary Overeyes [Map] with water men, and laye there dyspoyly nakyd as a worme. But the lordys were fulle sory of hys dethe.

Note 1. Apparently the writer intended to say "commonly."

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Nov 1553. The v day of November dyd pryche master Feknam (age 38) at sant Mare Overays [Map] a-for non, and ther wher at ys sermon the yerle of Devonshyre (age 26), ser Antony Browne (age 24), and juge Morgayn, and dyvers odur nobull men.

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

Henry Machyn's Diary. 01 Apr 1554. [The first day of April my lord chancellor (age 54) did consecrate six new bishops at St. Mary Overy's [Map], before the high altar; and a goodly mass was said. And when all] was done thay yede unto my lord ch[ancellor's,] for ther was as grett a dener as youe ha[ve seen.] Thes be the bysshopes names that wher consecrated, [doctor] Whyt (age 44), warden of Wynchastur, the bysshope of Ly[ncoln]; doctur Borne, bysshope of Bathe; doctur Morgan, bishop of sant Davys; doctur Brokes (age 41), bysshope of Gloss [ter]; doctur Cottes, bysshope of Westtchastur; bysshope of sant Asse changyd to be bysshope of Arfford; master [Griffith] (age 47) parsun of sant Magnus bysshope of Rochastur.

On 01 Apr 1554 the Lord Chancellor Bishop Edmund "Bloody" Bonner of London (age 54), assisted by Bishop Stephen Gardiner (age 71), Bishop Nicholas Ridley (age 54) and Bishop Cuthbert Tunstall (age 80), consecrated seven bishops at Southwark Cathedral [Map]:

Bishop George Cotes was consecrated Bishop of Chester.

Bishop Gilbert Bourne was consecrated Bishop of Bath and Wells.

Bishop James Brooks (age 41) was consecrated Bishop of Gloucester.

Bishop Maurice Griffiths (age 47) was consecrated Bishop of Rochester.

Bishop Henry Morgan was consecrated Bishop of St David's.

Bishop John White (age 44) was consecrated Bishop of Lincoln.

Bishop Robert Parfew aka Warton was consecrated Bishop of Hereford.

Wriothesley's Chronicle 01 Apr 1554. 01 Apr 1554. The first day of Aprill was consecrated at St. Marye Overies churche [Map] in Southwerke vi new Bishopps after the olde sorte, the Lord Chauncellor (age 54) and Bishop of Winchester (age 71) singinge the masse, the Bishop of London (age 54) and the Bishop of Durham (age 80) assistinge him.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 05 Oct 1554. The v day of October was the obsequy of the duke of Northfoke at sant Mare Overes [Map]; a hers [hearse] mad with tymber, and hangyd with blake, and with ys armes, and iiij goodly candlestyks gyldyd, and iiij grett tapurs, and with ys armes, and alle the qwyre hangyd with blake and armes; and durge and masse on the morowe. And my lord chanseler (age 71) cheffe morner, and next master [controller,] and master Gorge Haward; at the durge my lord Montyguw (age 25), my lord admerell (age 44), and my lord Brugys, and divers others; and a xl in gownes and cotes in blake; and after to my lord['s place], and gret ryngyng ij days.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Oct 1554. The same day sir Thomas Audley, a famous captain, was buried in saint Mary Overy's [Map]. There attended his funeral the lord Gray, lord Fitzwalter, and divers other] captaynes and knyghtes and gentyllmen [to the number of] lx. be-syd odur.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 28 Jan 1555. The xxviij day of January was examynyd at sant Mare Overes [Map] bysshope Hoper (age 60), doctor Crom, and Cardmaker, and odur, and Cardmaker recantyd.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Jan 1555. The xxix day of January wher raynyd at sant Mare Overes [Map] for herese Hoper (age 60) and Rogers (age 50), and cast to be brentt, and from thens cared to Nugatt [Map].

Henry Machyn's Diary. 30 Jan 1555. The xxx day of January was raynyd in the sam plasse [Map] Bradford (age 45), Tayller, and Sandur, and cast to be brentt in dyvers places.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 13 Nov 1555. [The xiij day of November doctor Gardiner (deceased), bishop of Winchester, and lord chancellor of England, died in the morning, between twelve and one of the clock, at the King's] plasse, the wyche ys callyd Whyt-hall; [and by] iij of the cloke he was browt by water [to his own] plasse by sant Mary Overes [Map]; and by v of the [clock his bow]elles was taken owt, and bered a-fore the he [high] [altar; and] at vj the knyll begane ther, and at durge and masse contenuyd ryngyng alle the belles till vij at nyght.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 21 Nov 1555. The xxj day of November at none be-gane the knyll for my lord chanseler (deceased), for then was the body browt to the chyrche of sant Mare Overes [Map], with grett compene of prestes and clarkes, and alle the bysshopes; and my lord of London (age 55) dyd exsecute the offes, and ware ys myter; and ther wher ij goodly whyt branchys bornyng, and the harsse with armes and (tapers) bornyng, and iiij dosen of stayffes; and all the qwyre with blake, and ys armes; and afor the corse the kyng of haroldes with ys cot, and with v baners of ys armes, and iiij of emages wrothe with fyne gold and inowlle [enamel]; and the morowe-masse iij masse, one of the Trenete, on of owre Lade, and (the) iij of requiem for ys solle; and after to dener; and so he was put in a hersse tyll a day that he shall be taken up and cared unto Wynchaster to be bered ther.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 14 Feb 1556. The xxiiij day of Feybruary was the obsequies of the most reverentt father in God, Sthevyn Gardener, docthur and bysshope of Wynchastur, prelett of the gartter, and latte chansseler of England, and on of the preve consell unto Kyng Henry the viij and unto quen Mare (age 39), tyll he ded; and so the after-none be-gane the knyll at sant Mare Overes [Map] with ryngyng, and after be-gane the durge; with a palle of cloth of gold, and with ij whytt branchys, and ij dosen of stayffe-torchys bornyng, and iiij grett tapurs; and my lord Montyguw (age 27) the cheyffe mornar, and my lord bysshope of Lynkolne (age 46) and ser Robart Rochaster (age 62), comtroller, and with dyvers odur in blake, and mony blake gownes and cotes; and the morow masse of requeem and offeryng done, be-gane the sarmon; and so masse done, and so to dener to my lord Montyguw('s); and at ys gatt the corse was putt in-to a wagon with iiij welles, all covered with blake, and ower the corsse ys pyctur mad with ys myter on ys hed, with ys and ys armes, and v gentyll men bayryng ys v banars in gownes and hods, then ij harolds in ther cote armur, master Garter and Ruge-crosse; then cam the men rydyng, carehyng of torchys a lx bornyng, at bowt the corsse all the way; and then cam the mornars in gownes and cotes, to the nombur unto ij C. a-for and be-hynd, and so at sant Gorges cam prestes and clarkes with crosse and sensyng, and ther thay had a grett torche gyffyn them, and so to ever parryche tyll they cam to Wynchaster, and had money as money as cam to mett them, and durge and masse at evere logyng.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 30 Apr 1557. The xxx day of Aprell was bered at sant Mare Overes [Map] master Frances Browne('s) wyff with iiij branchys [and iiij] tapurs apon iiij gylt candyllstykes and with armes and penons; [the church hung a]bowt with blake cloth and armes, and ij whyt branchys and xx .... stayffe torchys; and the powre men had blake gownes; and mony mornars; and a iij dosen of skochyons, and a grett dolle of money.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 22 May 1557. The xxij day of May was bered master Doge .... gren cloth at sant Martens in the feld [Map] be-syd Charyng-crose, with ij whytt branchys and .... and ij dosen of skochyons and dyver mornars.

23 May 1557. The xxiij day of May dyd pryche the bysshope of Wynchaster doctur Whytt (age 47) at sant Mare Overes [Map] in Sowthwarke, and ther was a heretyke ther for to here the sermon.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 31 Dec 1559. .... in Sowth-warke unto sant Towlys [Map] in Sowthw[ark to be] bered my lade Copley (age 49) wedow, with xx grett stayffe torchys bornyng, with prestes and clarkes syngyng, with a harold of armes, and a pennon of armes, and mony morners; and the chyrche hangyd with blake, and the quer [choir]; and ther was a sermon, and communyon; and after to her plasse to dener and a dolle ... of skochyons.

Note. P. 221. Funeral of my lady Copley. Elizabeth, widow of sir Roger Copley of Gatton, co. Surrey, who died in 1559, and daughter of sir William Shelley, justice of the common pleas. On an inquisition taken 29 April, 1560, she was found to have died seised of the manor of the Maze in Southwark (see the Collectanea Topogr. et Geneal. vol. viii. p. 255). See also the pedigree of Copley in the History of Surrey, by Manning and Bray, vol. ii. p. 231.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Aug 1560. The xxviiij day of August at sant Towlys [Map] in Sowthwarke the menyster (blank) Harold dyd cristenyd a chyld with-owtt a godfather, and the mydwyff haskyd hym how he cold do yt, and he hanswered her and sayd yt was butt a seremony.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 29 Mar 1563. The xxix day of Marche was browthe from sant Savyour's late abbay in Barmsey-strett to be bered my good lade Lane the wyff of ser Robart Lane of Northamtunshyre, and was bered in sant Towllys in Sowthwarke [Map], and ded in chyld-bede; and with xx clarkes, and a-for the corse a xij of her servandes in blake cottes a-for here, and then cam serten gentyll-men mornars, and then cam the penon of armes borne by a gentyll-man, and then cam master Clarenshux (age 53), and next the corse borne by vj women, and iiij gentyll-men mornars beyryng the iiij corners of the palle of blake velvett, and with armes, and after to the chyrche, and syngyng the clarkes; andt her dyd pryche master Coverdalle (age 75).

On 11 Jun 1595 Bishop William Wickham (age 56) died at Winchester Palace [Map]. He was buried at Southwark Cathedral [Map].

Before 30 Jul 1611 Gerard Johnson The Elder (age 61) died. He was buried at Southwark Cathedral [Map] on 30 Jul 1611.

In 1624 Nicholas Johnson died. He was buried at Southwark Cathedral [Map].

On or before 06 May 1638 Elizabeth Johnson Lady Mordaunt was born to Nicholas Johnson (age 28). She was baptised on 06 May 1638 at St Saviour's in Soutwark [Map].

Pepy's Diary. 03 Jul 1663. Thence with Mr. Creed, whom I called at his chamber, over the water to Lambeth; but could not, it being morning, get to see the Archbishop's (deceased) hearse: so he and I walked over the fields to Southwark, Surrey [Map], and there parted, and I spent half an hour in Mary Overy's Church [Map], where are fine monuments of great antiquity, I believe, and has been a fine church.

On 25 Oct 1803 Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto (age 26) and Catherine Eden (age 33) were married at St Mary's, Lambeth [Map].