Prehistoric Anglesey Burial Chambers

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Prehistoric Anglesey Burial Chambers is in Prehistoric Wales, Neolithic Burials.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Bethel, Din Dryfol Burial Chamber [Map]

Din Dryfol Burial Chamber [Map] is a Neolithic Passage Grave excavated by F. Lynch in the late 1970s. It has been largely destroyed over time, but the excavations nonetheless revealed that it had been of multi-period construction, like Trefignath [Map] burial chamber near Holyhead.

The first chamber to be built was rectangular in shape and located at the western end of the current monument. The entrance stones to this chamber and the stones on its north side are still standing.

A second chamber was constructed to the east of the earliest tomb. All that is left of this now is a fallen side stone, which was once part of a second rectangular chamber. Unusually, there were wooden posts at the entrance to this chamber. The chambers would have been covered by a long, narrow mound (cairn), and there was once a stone facade running up to the wooden portal.

Some time later, the cairn and chambers were extended to the east, with a 3 metre high portal stone at the entrance. It appears that the access between the three chambers was never blocked, unlike Trefignath.

Finds from the site included a number of small flint tools, and some sherds of Neolithic pottery.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Benllech, Glyn Burial Chamber [Map]

Glyn Burial Chamber [Map]. Limestone capstone, propped in place by other stones. The rise in ground around it may represent a 14m circular mound or cairn that originally covered it. Partial excavation by E.N. Baynes in 1909 found that 'treasure seekers had cleaned out the whole of the chamber'.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Henblas Burial Chamber [Map]

Henblas Burial Chamber [Map]. A pair of large quartz rich boulders, measuring about 4.1 metres and 3 metres in height with circumferences of 15.3 metres and 16.8 metres respectively, with a large slab lying between them.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Hendrefor Burial Chambers [Map]

Hendrefor Burial Chambers [Map]. Two stone chambers, 7 metres apart, which would once have been buried under a single long mound. One was recorded as intact in 1802, but by 1825 only one upright remained standing, which remains 2.7 metres (8.9 ft) high.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Benllech, Pant y Saer Burial Chamber [Map]

Archaeologia Cambrensis 1933 Pages 185 228. The Chambered Tomb Of Pant-Y-Saer [Map], Anglesey. By W. Lindsay Scott, F,S.A.Scot.

The chambered tomb of Pant-y-saer stands in latitude 530 18' 3" N. , longitude 40 14' 15" W. , on the outskirts Of the village Of Tvnygongl and about a mile distant from the northern end of Red Wharf Bay. This sandy bay on the east coast of Anglesey provides good shelter in westerly winds: and in such conditions is a safe place for hauling up boats. The lower land around it is reasonably fertile and the situation is not unattractive for settlement and distinctly advan- tageous for sea-raiders seeking a base for operations on the north coast of Wales.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Perthi-Duon Burial Chamber [Map]

Perthi-Duon Burial Chamber [Map]. Possibly just a boulder in a field? Or, a collapsed burial chamber, consisting of a 2.5 metres by 1.8 metres capstone lying on two collapsed stones, which may have been the upright stones. Multiple stones surround the monument. The site was examined as early as 1723, when Henry Rowlands, an antiquarian, visited and drew the tomb, which at the time stood upright.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Holy Island, Holyhead, Trefignath Burlal Chamber [Map]

Trefignath Burlal Chamber, Anglesey [Map] is a Neolithic burial chamber near Trearddur, south of Holyhead on Holy Island, off Anglesey in Wales. In its most complete form it included a large cairn covering three stone tombs, set on a small knoll. It was excavated between 1977 and 1979, revealing several phases of occupation with three separate burial chambers built in succession.

Europe, British Isles, North-West Wales aka Gwynedd, Anglesey, Llanfair, Ty Mawr Burial Chamber [Map]

Ty Mawr Burial Chamber [Map] has a large capstone now resting on its collapsed support stones. It was a simple passage grave.