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Prehistoric Anglesey Burial Chambers is in Prehistoric Wales, Neolithic Burials.

Europe, British Isles, Wales, Gwynedd, Anglesey, Bethel, Din Dryfol Burial Chamber [Map]

Din Dryfol Burial Chamber [Map] is a Neolithic Passage Grave excavated by F. Lynch in the late 1970s. It has been largely destroyed over time, but the excavations nonetheless revealed that it had been of multi-period construction, like Trefignath burial chamber near Holyhead.

The first chamber to be built was rectangular in shape and located at the western end of the current monument. The entrance stones to this chamber and the stones on its north side are still standing.

A second chamber was constructed to the east of the earliest tomb. All that is left of this now is a fallen side stone, which was once part of a second rectangular chamber. Unusually, there were wooden posts at the entrance to this chamber. The chambers would have been covered by a long, narrow mound (cairn), and there was once a stone facade running up to the wooden portal.

Some time later, the cairn and chambers were extended to the east, with a 3 metre high portal stone at the entrance. It appears that the access between the three chambers was never blocked, unlike Trefignath.

Finds from the site included a number of small flint tools, and some sherds of Neolithic pottery.