Biography of Bishop William Glynne 1504-1558

In 1504 Bishop William Glynne was born at Heneglwys, Anglesey. He was educated at Queen's College, Cambridge University [Map].

In 1553 Bishop William Glynne (age 49) was elected President of Queen's College, Cambridge University [Map].

In 1554 Bishop William Glynne (age 50) was elected Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 24 Aug 1555. The xxiiij day of August cam from Rome at afternone the bysshope of Ely (age 49), the bysshope of Banger (age 51), the lord Montycutt vycontt (age 26), ser Hare Husse, and dyvers odur.

Henry Machyn's Diary. 04 Sep 1555. [The same day were certain bishops, viz. doctor Corwyn (age 55) archbishop of] Duvylyne [Dublin], [doctor William] Glyne (age 51) bysshoppe of Bangor, (and) doctur (James Turberville) bysshope of Exsseter, alle consecratyd at Powlles [Map].

1555 Consecrations

On 04 Sep 1555 Bishop Edmund "Bloody" Bonner of London (age 55) consecrated an Archbishop and two Bishops at St Paul's Cathedral [Map]:

Archbishop Hugh Curwen (age 55) was consecrated Archbishop of Dublin.

Bishop James Turbeville was consecrated Bishop of Exeter.

Bishop William Glynne (age 51) was consecrated Bishop of Bangor.

On 21 May 1558 Bishop William Glynne (age 54) died.