Europe, British Isles, Wales, Gwynedd, Anglesey, Presaddfed Burial Chambers [Map]

Presaddfed Burial Chambers is in Presaddfed, Anglesey, Prehistoric Anglesey Burial Chambers.

Presaddfed Burial Chambers [Map]. Parking outside of the Anglsey Shooting School on the road. Short walk.

Archaeological Journal Volume 3 Page 39. The next in size and importance to that on the Marquis of Anglesey's grounds, are those at Presaddfed [Map] near Bodedern.

Of these too we give a view, by which it will be seen that one of very large size is still erect, while another close to it is partially fallen down; the former offers a shelter of at least 12 ft. square to the farmer and a party of six or eight labourers, whenever they are overtaken in their work by a sudden shower; the cattle commonly take refuge under it, and it is surrounded by a great number of small stones, affording a strong presumption that here too there was once a carn.

Archaeologia Cambrensis 1862. Drawings of the Cromlechs at Plas Newydd [Map] and Presaddfed [Map].

Archaeologia Cambrensis 1870 Page 365. Cromlech at Presaddfed [Presaddfed Burial Chambers [Map]].

Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion 1910. Figure 6. Ground Plans of Bryn Celli Ddu Burial Mound [Map] and Presaddfed Burial Chambers [Map].

Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion 1910. Not far from Llyn Llywenan at Presaddfed, in the parish of Bodedern, and over three quarters of a mile E.N.E. of the Church, there stands a fine dolmen [Presaddfed Burial Chambers [Map]], and a little further to the north, at the distance of a few feet, is to be seen a second one, in the latter case, however, the capstone has been dislodged and remains with one end resting on the ground.