Biography of Archbishop Baldwin Avigo 1125-1190

1186 Treaty of Falaise

1189 Coronation of Richard I

Around 1125 Archbishop Baldwin Avigo was born to Archdeacon Hugh Avigo in Exeter, Devon [Map].

In 1143 Bishop Gilbert was consecrated Bishop of St Asaph by Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 18).

On 10 Aug 1180 Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 55) was appointed Bishop of Worcester.

In Dec 1184 Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 59) was translated to Archbishop of Canterbury.

Treaty of Falaise

On 05 Sep 1186 William "Lion" I King Scotland (age 43) and Ermengarde Beaumont Sarthe Queen Consort Scotland (age 16) were married at Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire [Map] by Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 61). She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland at Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire [Map]. His bride had been chosen by King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England (age 53) as part of the Treaty of Falaise. William received Edinburgh Castle [Map] as a wedding gift from King Henry "Curtmantle" II of England (age 53). The difference in their ages was 27 years. He the son of Henry Dunkeld 3rd Earl Huntingdon 1st Earl of Northumbria and Ada Warenne Countess Huntingdon and Northumbria. They were half fourth cousins. She a great granddaughter of King Henry I "Beauclerc" England.

The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales: Book 1 Chapter 1. In the year 1188 from the incarnation of our Lord, Urban the Third10 being the head of the apostolic see; Frederick, emperor of Germany and king of the Romans; Isaac, emperor of Constantinople; Philip, the son of Louis, reigning in France; Henry the Second in England; William in Sicily; Bela in Hungary; and Guy in Palestine: in that very year, when Saladin, prince of the Egyptians and Damascenes, by a signal victory gained possession of the kingdom of Jerusalem; Baldwin, archbishop of Canterbury (age 62), a venerable man, distinguished for his learning and sanctity, journeying from England for the service of the holy cross, entered Wales near the borders of Herefordshire.

Note 10. Giraldus has committed an error in placing Urban III. at the head of the apostolic see; for he died at Ferrara in the month of October, A.D. 1187, and was succeeded by Gregory VIII., whose short reign expired in the month of December following. Clement III. was elected pontiff in the year 1188. Frederick I., surnamed Barbarossa, succeeded Conrad III. in the empire of Germany, in March, 1152, and was drowned in a river of Cilicia whilst bathing, in 1190. Isaac Angelus succeeded Andronicus I. as emperor of Constantinople, in 1185, and was dethroned in 1195. Philip II., surnamed Augustus, from his having been born in the month of August, was crowned at Rheims, in 1179, and died at Mantes, in 1223. William II., king of Sicily, surnamed the Good, succeeded in 1166 to his father, William the Bad, and died in 1189. Bela III., king of Hungary, succeeded to the throne in 1174, and died in 1196. Guy de Lusignan (age 37) was crowned king of Jerusalem in 1186, and in the following year his city was taken by the victorious Saladin.

The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales: Second Preface. To the same prelate

Since those things, which are known to have been done through a laudable devotion, are not unworthily extolled with due praises; and since the mind, when relaxed, loses its energy, and the torpor of sloth enervates the understanding, as iron acquires rust for want of use, and stagnant waters become foul; lest my pen should be injured by the rust of idleness, I have thought good to commit to writing the devout visitation which Baldwin, archbishop of Canterbury (age 62), made throughout Wales; and to hand down, as it were in a mirror, through you, O illustrious Stephen, to posterity, the difficult places through which we passed, the names of springs and torrents, the witty sayings, the toils and incidents of the journey, the memorable events of ancient and modern times, and the natural history and description of the country; lest my study should perish through idleness, or the praise of these things be lost by silence.

Coronation of Richard I

On 03 Sep 1189 King Richard "Lionheart" I of England (age 31) was crowned I King England by Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 64) at Westminster Abbey [Map]. William Mandeville 3rd Earl Essex Count Aumale carried the Crown. The Coronation of Richard I was marred by violence against London's Jewish population. Prior to his Coronation Richard had issued a proclamation forbidding Jews to attend. When some did a riot broke out, which spread.

On 19 Nov 1190 Archbishop Baldwin Avigo (age 65) died in Acre.

The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, aka Itinerarium Cambriae, was written by Gerald of Wales aka Cambrensis (age 44) in 1191. It describes a journey through Wales which Archbishop Baldwin, accompanied by Gerald (age 44), to recruit for the Third Crusade.