Biography of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882

Paternal Family Tree: Rossetti

Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882 is in Painters.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti lived at 16 Cheyne Walk.

In 1826 [his father] Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe Rossetti (age 42) and [his mother] Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori (age 25) were married.

On 12 May 1828 Dante Gabriel Rossetti was born to Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe Rossetti (age 45) and Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori (age 28).

Around 1840 John Everett Millais 1st Baronet (age 10) became the youngest student to enter the Royal Academy schools where he met William Holman Hunt (age 12) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 11) with whom he later formed the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

1847. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 18). Self-Portrait.

In Sep 1847 the Pre-Raphealite Brotherhood was formed at 7 Gower Street, Camden [Map], the home of John Everett Millais 1st Baronet (age 18). The seven founder members were Millais, brothers Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 19) and [his brother] William Michael Rossetti (age 17), William Holman Hunt (age 20), James Collinson (age 22), Frederick George Stephens (age 19) and Thomas Woolner (age 21).

Between 1848 and 1849. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 19). "The Girlhood of Mary". Model for St Anne [his mother] Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori (age 47), model for Mary [his sister] Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 17). Note the initials PRB bottom left under his name. First exhibited at the Free Exhibition at the Hyde Park Corner Gallery. It was bought for £80 by Harriet Baring Marchioness Bath (age 43) who subsequently gifted it to her daughter Louisa Isabella Harriet Thynne (age 14).

Harriet Baring Marchioness Bath: On 03 May 1804 she was born to Alexander Baring 1st Baron Ashburton and Ann Louisa Bingham Baroness Ashburton. On 19 Apr 1830 Henry Frederick Thynne 3rd Marquess of Bath and she were married. He the son of Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess of Bath and Isabella Elizabeth Byng Marchioness Bath. On 02 Jan 1892 Harriet Baring Marchioness Bath died.

Louisa Isabella Harriet Thynne: In 1834 she was born to Henry Frederick Thynne 3rd Marquess of Bath and Harriet Baring Marchioness Bath. On 29 Apr 1862 General Percy Feilding and she were married. She the daughter of Henry Frederick Thynne 3rd Marquess of Bath and Harriet Baring Marchioness Bath. He the son of William Feilding 6th Earl Desmond 7th Earl Denbigh and Mary Elizabeth Kitty Moreton Countess Desmond and Denbigh. On 26 Jun 1919 Louisa Isabella Harriet Thynne died.

1849. John Everett Millais 1st Baronet (age 19). "Isabella". From the poem Isabella and the Pot of Basil and the book Decameron Day Four Story Five. Note the initials PRB on the bottom of the table leg. The painting is on display at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

The models are believed to be:

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 20): Far right drinking from glass.

[his brother] William Michael Rossetti (age 19): Lorenzo, offering an orange to Isabella.

Isabella: Decameron Day Four Story Five. Summary. Lisabetta's brothers murder her lover. He appears to her in a dream and shows her where he is buried. She secretly disinters the head and places it in a pot of basil, over which she weeps for a long time every day. In the end her brothers take it away from her, and shortly thereafter she dies of grief.

Mar 1850. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 21). "Ecce Ancilla Domini!" aka The Annunciation. Models: Angel [his brother] William Michael Rossetti (age 20), Mary [his sister] Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 19).

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1851. 13 Nov 1851. After Clipstone Street spent the evening with Wells (age 22) at John (age 24) and Thomas Seddon's (age 30), 7 Percy Street; G. Rossetti (age 23), F. M. Brown (age 30) and G. Truefitt (age 27) were there.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1852. 03 Mar 1852. Tom Seddon (age 30) showed me the drawing by G. Rossetti (age 23) he spoke to me about? I was so pleased with it that I decided on having it at once. Some very fine colour about it independent of its other merits. I am to give 5 gns. for it.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1852. 30 Dec 1852. Went down to Dante G (age 24). and William Rossetti's chambers at 14 Chatham Place, Blackfriars Bridge. Met there Wells (age 24), J. P. Seddon (age 25), Clayton (age 25), and Mr. Munro (age 27), Mr. Stephens (age 25) and Mr. Hughes (age 20). Rossetti (age 24) showed me his studio but none of his works (which is his way). He had for our entertainment a series of anastatic drawings designed and coloured by the Hon. Mrs. Boyle, some of which as beautiful in feeling, natural simplicity, and colour, and in poetical treatment as almost anything I have seen. They illustrate a nursery rhyme. Also a quantity of Gavarni's works, and a grand and most striking mask of Dante taken from a caste of his face in death; a tracing of his head in Giotto's fresco with the eye imperfect; a pen and ink sketch by Millais from Keats' "Isabella." In the physical way, roast chestnuts and coffee, honey, and hot spirits. His room has a jolly balcony overhanging the river, the reflection of the lights on the bridge and quays, etc., were charming. Conversation throughout delightful, resulting methought from the happy and gentlemanly freedom of the company generally. There was only one of D. G. Rossetti's (age 24) works to be seen in the room, and that was a sketch, study of a man, back view. Gabriel Rossetti (age 24) invited me to his studio next Thursday.

1853. William Holman Hunt (age 25). Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 24).

1853. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 24). "The First Anniversary of the Death of Beatrice" or "Dante receiving visitors on the anniversary of Beatrice's death". Model [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 23). The picture was bought by Francis McCracken who wrote to Rossettiu on the 14th of May 1854: "I had an idea of an intention of the possibility of a suggestion that the lady in my drawing should be Gemma Donati whom Dante married afterwards and for that reason meant to have put the Donati arms on the dresses of the three visitors, but could not find a suitable way of doing so. The visitors are unnamed in the text. But I had an idea also of connecting the pitying lady with another part of the V[ita] N[uova] and in part the sketch is full of notions of my own in this way, which would only be cared about by one to whom Dante was a chief study".

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1853. 01 Jan 1853. Mr. Topham (age 44) called on me in Gt. Russell St., looked over my drawings; recommended me candidly not to try for the Old Water-Colour Society this season. Hoped Anthony and I would join him in Spain this summer. Drew at Clipstone St. for 1½ hrs. Last sitting of Miss Nicholl. She has been sitting to D. G. Rossetti (age 24) in a sitting posture.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1853. 06 Jan 1853. To Rossetti's (age 24), Blackfriars Bridge. Met there W. Holman Hunt (age 25), J. E. Millais (age 23), J. P. Seddon (age 25), Clayton (age 25), Munro (age 27), whose charming group of Francesca and her lover was in Rossetti's studio, Stephens, Blanchard, C. Lucy, a Scotchman and a foreigner. Millais (age 23) somewhat egotistical and little real, his attention being easily distracted. He jerked out some good remarks. Spoke highly of Ruskin (age 33) as a friend of Art; said that Mrs. R (age 24). was sitting for one of his pictures1. Hunt (age 25) struck me as a thoroughly genuine, humorous, good-hearted, straightforward English-like fellow. Said he was bound for Syria before long. Millais spoke highly of Charles Collins (age 24) as a good religious man?

Note 1. Probably "The Order of Release".

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1853. 28 Jan 1853. Went to Gabriel Rossetti's (age 24) studio to see his Annunciation picture, which was exhibited at the National Institution the year I was laid up with my hip. He has been painting on it since, and sent it off (to Dublin) whilst I was there. The Virgin one of, if not the most exquisite conception I have yet seen, her head, golden hair and blue eyes (although painted from his sister [Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 22)] who is darkish) full of intense thought and awakened and growing religious awe, almost my ideal of a woman's head, and much like Lizzie Ridley. The white drapery with which she is clad beautifully treated. The Angel standing upright in a long robe unsubstantial and with flames under his feet not so satisfactory. I asked him to get me a cast of Woolner's (age 27) model for a monument to Wordsworth and of his medallion of Carlyle, and commissioned of him a drawing from Dante. Had a long chat with him about Turner, for whose work I was sorry and surprised to find he had not the highest possible admiration.

On 05 Apr 1853 Ford Madox Brown (age 31) and Emma Matilda Hill (age 23) were married at St Dunstan's in the West, Fleet Street [Map]. The witnesses were Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 24) and Thomas Seddon (age 31). Rector Edward Auriol (age 48) performed the ceremony.

Edward Auriol: On 27 Feb 1805 he was born to James Peter Auriol. In or before 1841 Edward Auriol and Georgina Morris. In or before 1841 he was appointed Rector of St Dunstan's in the West, Fleet Street. On 10 Jul 1880 Edward Auriol died.

01 May 1853. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 24). Drawing of Emma Matilda Hill (age 23).

1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24) Reading.

Around 1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24) Elizabeth Siddal - Study for Delia in 'The Return of Tibullus to Delia'.

1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). Portrait of [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24). Watercolor.

Around 1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24) Seated on the Ground.

1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). "Found". Model Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 18).

1854. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24) Seated at a Window.

Between 1854 and 1855. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 25). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 24) Seated at an Easel, Painting.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1854. 13 Mar 1854. To Rossetti's (age 25). Found him at home but unwell ; he sleeps little at nights. A young man of the name of Hughes (age 22) was painting a picture of Orlando inscribing his mistress' name on a tree. Parts nicely painted. Rossetti showed me an exquisite drawing of his from the Vita Nuova, Dante receiving visitors on the anniversary of Beatrice's death. He showed me too a little unfinished drawing of Dante, Beatrice, and two others, in Paradise, he promised to finish for me, as I liked it, and would like some work in exchange. On the wall he has pen and ink outlines by J. E. Millais (age 24), W. H. Hunt (age 26), Deverell, and W. B. Scott, pencil design by Woolner, chalk study by F. M. Brown (age 32). A lovely hasty rub in of a cornfield against a deep blue sky, by W. H. Hunt (age 26). We read a long critique of the National Exhibition in the Daily News by Coventry Patmore; intensive praise of my small drawing, finding fault with the others. Rossetti (age 25) came round to Russell St. and took ten of the drawings I showed him. He liked the long Sunset, Moel Siabod—Autumn Study, Thought the 3 greatest men in art were Giotto, Durer, Hogarth.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1854. 08 Apr 1854. J. E. Millais (age 24) and Munro called on me at Russell St. The former stayed some time and appeared much interested in my sketches, especially those taken in the neighbourhood of Dinan, and some few near Bettws. He thought I painted a good like old Hunt—wish I had a little of his genius! He wanted to finish his picture of Ruskin (looking on falling water) from some spot nearer than the Highlands. I recommended him the neighbourhood of Capel Curig. He suggested our exchanging sketches. Rossetti (age 25) came in at 3 and stayed till 10, working a greater part of the time on the old drawing I have of his, in which I cut out the head of the dancing boy and inserted a fresh piece of paper at the back. He improved it much in parts, especially the heads, but left it unfinished. He said he thought the most beautiful combination of colour in a picture to be green, blue, and carmine, all inclining to purplish, but the general tone of picture colour to incline to vellow. An opal I showed him elicited this. He gave me 2 pen and ink sketches made some time ago—one of his first idea of the drawing "to caper nimbly in a lady's chamber," and the other a Siren followed by two men in a boat. I am to give him a sketch in return. He lent me F. & G.'s edition of Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris" with some fine illustrations by Meissonier and Legrand. He told me in conversation that W. H. Hunt (age 27) had a morbid conviction of his own ugliness and desired that all record of him to the present in the way of portraits or letters should be destroyed.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1854. 13 Apr 1854. Rossetti (age 25) came to work on the two drawings. He told me that he had seen Ruskin (age 35) who had been to his studio and complimented him enthusiastically. They had arranged to come here on Saturday to see R.'s two drawings and some of mine. R (age 25). thought Ruskin hideous.

On 26 Apr 1854 [his father] Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe Rossetti (age 71) died. He was buried in the Rossetti Family Grave at HIghgate Cemetery.

1855. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 26). "Dante's Vision of Rachel and Leah". Model [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 25).

1855. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 26). Portrait of [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 25). Pen and brown and black ink..

1855. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 26). [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 25) in a Chair.

Between 1855 and 1859. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 26). Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 24).

In Apr 1855 John Ruskin (age 36) proposed to Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 26) that he do a series of seven pictures illustrating the Purgatorio of which Rossetti executed two: Dante's Vision of Rachel and Leah and Dante's Vision of Matilda Gathering Flowers.

In 1856 Emma Lucy Madox Brown (age 12) was sent to live with the household of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 27).

Around 1857 Simeon Solomon (age 16) was introduced by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 28) to members of the Pre-Raphealite Brotherhood including Algernon Charles Swinburne (age 19) and Edward Coley Burne-Jones 1st Baronet (age 23).

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. In Feb 1857 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 28) wrote to William Bell Scott (age 46):

Two young men, projectors of the "Oxford and Cambridge Magazine," have recently come up to town from Oxford, and are now very intimate friends of mine. Their names are Morris (age 22) and Jones (age 23). They have turned artists instead of taking up any other career to which the university generally leads, and both are men of real genius. Jones's designs are marvels of finish and imaginative detail, unequalled by anything unless perhaps Albert Durer's finest works' (W. B. Scott, Memoirs, ii. 37).

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1855-1857. 27 Jun 1857. To P.R.B. Exhibition in Russell Place .... I found my little "Sunset" sketch in North Wales mounted in a preposterously wide gilt flat, whereas I had left it in my room mounted on white paper. A lot of the foreground is covered by the mount which completely spoils the sketch and looks ridiculously pretentious besides. Saw (at Hogarth's) a rather clever caricature-etching founded on Millais' "Dream of the Past" picture, to which the outlines were pretty strictly kept to. Millais (age 28) himself is the old Knight, Rossetti (age 29) the girl in front, Holman Hunt (age 30) the child behind. Ruskin (age 38) the ass on which they are riding and which is by far the best thing in the etching in every respect.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1855-1857. 29 Jun 1857. Rossetti (age 29) and his friend Morris (age 23) (of 17 Red Lion Square), called on me in Buckingham St. and had tea. R. told me he was sure it was a man of the name of Sandys (age 28) who had done the caricature.

1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Mary Magdalene at the door of Simon the Pharisee. Model Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 27).

1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 27).

1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Portrait of Marie Spartali aka Stillman (age 13).

1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Drawing of Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 22).

1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Fair Rosamund. Model Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 22).

Around 1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 29). Drawing of Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 22).

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. On 01 Jun 1858 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 30) wrote to William Bell Scott (age 47):

I am in the stunning position this morning of expecting the actual visit, at ½ past 11, of a model whom I have been longing to paint for years - Miss Herbert (age 27) of the Olympic Theatre - who has the most varied and highest expression I ever saw in a woman's face, besides abundant beauty, golden hair, etc. Did you ever see her? O my eye! she has sat to me now and will sit to me for Mary Magdalene in the picture I am beginning. Such luck!'.

20 Sep 1858. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 30). Drawing of Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 27).

1859. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 30). Bocca Baciata. Model Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 23) aka "mouth that has been kissed". The first of Rossetti's single female figures which thereafter became his signature style. The flowers in the background are marigolds, a white rose in her hair. An apple on the balustrade. The title from the Italian proverb from the last line of the Seventh story of the Second Book of Boccacio's Decameron "Bocca baciata non perde ventura, anzi rinnova come fa la luna" aka "The mouth that has been kissed does not lose its good fortune; rather, it renews itself just as the moon does."

1859. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 30). "The Bower Garden". Model [his future wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 29). The picture was first purchased by Elizabeth Siddal (age 29). After his death it was purchased by James Leathart (age 39).

James Leathart: In 1820 he was born. Before 1880 he and Maria Hedley were married. In 1895 he died.

Around 1860. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 31). Portrait of Annie Miller (age 25).

Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. Before 23 May 1860. Since the time that Rossetti (age 32) was called away from Oxford, in October, 1857, by the illness of [his future wife] Miss Siddal (age 30), he and Edward (age 26) had been less together, but there had been no decrease of affection between them, and so it was of the most vital interest to us when we learnt that Gabriel (age 32) was to be married about the same time as ourselves. He and Edward at once built up a plan for our all four meeting in Paris as soon as possible afterwards; I went home to Manchester to make my preparations, and it was decided that the fourth anniversary of our engagement, the 9th of June, should be our wedding-day. The conditions on which we started life were, practically no debts, except of work to Mr. Flint, and the possession of about £30 in ready money; and I brought with me a small deal table with a drawer in it that held my wood-engraving tools. Three days before our marriage, however, came a note from the unfailing Mr. Flint: "The two pen-and-ink drawings are to hand to-day. I enclose order for £25 which you may need just now." So here was riches.

On 23 May 1860 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 32) and Elizabeth Siddal (age 30) were married at St Clement's Church.

Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. 09 Jun 1860. The 9th of June fell on a Saturday, and we decided to go no further that day than to Chester, where we should see its curious streets and attend service at the Cathedral [Map] on Sunday; Gabriel (age 32) and his [his wife] wife (age 30) were by this time in Paris [Map], and we hoped to join them a few days later. But this was not in store for us, for unhappily Edward (age 26) had been caught in a rain-storm a day or two before and already had a slight sore-throat, which now so quickly grew worse that by noon on Sunday he was almost speechless from it and in the hands of a strange doctor. This illness was a sharp check, and we found ourselves shut up for some days in a dreary hotel in an unknown place; but a gleam of satisfaction reached us when the doctor spoke of me to Edward (age 26) as "your good lady," and gave me directions about what was to be done for the patient, with no apparent suspicion that I had not often nursed him before. Trusting in this and in some half-used reels of sewing cotton ostentatiously left about, as well as a display of boots which had already been worn, we felt great confidence that no one would guess how ignominiously newly-married we were.

Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. After 09 Jun 1860. It was quite clear that we must give up Paris and get to our own home as soon as the doctor gave Edward (age 26) leave to travel; so ruefully enough I wrote to Gabriel (age 32) and told him how things were; and his answer was a comfort to us, for he reported that they were both tired of "dragging about," and looked forward with pleasure to sitting down again with their friends in London as soon as possible. "[his wife] Lizzie (age 30) and I are likely to come back with two dogs," he continues, "a big one and a little one. We have called the latter Punch in memory partly of a passage in Pepys's Diary, "But in the street. Lord, how I did laugh to hear poor common persons call their fat child Punch, which name I do perceive to be good for all that is short and thick." We have got the book with us from Mudie's, and meant to have yelled over it in company if you had come to Paris. We are now reading Boswell's Johnson, which is almost as rich in some parts." This reading of Boswell resulted in the water-colour drawing of "Dr. Johnson at the Mitre "which Rossetti brought back with him from Paris.

Samuel Johnson: On 18 Sep 1709 he was born. On 13 Dec 1784 he died.

Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. Rossetti (age 32) and his [his wife] wife (age 30), after their return from Paris, took a lodging at Hampstead, but she was so ill at first that we never saw her till near the end of July, when to our great delight a day was fixed for the deferred meeting, and Gabriel suggested that it should take place at the Zoological Gardens. "The Wombat's Lair" was the assignation that he gave to the Madox Browns and to us. A mention of this meeting in a letter that I wrote next day gives the impression of the actual time: "She was well enough to see us, and I find her as beautiful as imagination, poor thing."

Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones 1860. I wish I could recall more details of that day - of the wombat's reception of us, and of the other beasts we visited - but can only remember a passing call on the owls, between one of whom and Gabriel (age 32) there was a feud. The moment their eyes met they seemed to rush at each other, Gabriel rattling his stick between the cage bars furiously and the owl almost barking with rage. [his wife] Lizzie's (age 30) slender, elegant figure - tall for those days, but I never knew her actual height - comes back to me, in a graceful and simple dress, the incarnate opposite of the "tailor-made" young lady. We went home with them to their rooms at Hampstead, and I know that I then received an impression which never wore away, of romance and tragedy between her and her husband. I see her in the little upstairs bedroom with its lattice window, to which she carried me when we arrived, and the mass of her beautiful deep-red hair as she took off her bonnet: she wore her hair very loosely fastened up, so that it fell in soft, heavy wings. Her complexion looked as if a rose tint lay beneath the white skin, producing a most soft and delicate pink for the darkest flesh-tone. Her eyes were of a kind of golden brown - agate-colour is the only word I can think of to describe them - and wonderfully luminous: in all Gabriel's drawings of her and in the type she created in his mind this is to be seen. The eyelids were deep, but without any languor or drowsiness, and had the peculiarity of seeming scarcely to veil the light in her eyes when she was looking down.

Whilst we were in her room she shewed me a design she had just made, called "The Woeful Victory" - then the vision passes.

Around 25 Dec 1860. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 32). Portrait of Mrs William Morris aka Jane Morris nee Burden (age 21). Signed top-left Upton (ie the Red House) Xmas 1860.

Before 02 May 1861 [his daughter] Stillborn Child was born to Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 32) and [his wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 31). See Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones.

On 21 Oct 1861 Philip Burne-Jones 2nd Baronet was born to Edward Coley Burne-Jones 1st Baronet (age 28) and Georgiana Macdonald Lady Burne-Jones (age 21). He was baptised at Manchester Cathedral [Map] with his godfathers, by proxy, being John Ruskin (age 42) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 33). See Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones.

1862. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 33). Portrait of Alice Boyd 14th of Penkill (age 37).

On 11 Feb 1862 at twenty past seven in the morning [his wife] Elizabeth Siddal (age 32) overdosed on laudanum at 14 Chatham Place. Possibly suicide - there may have been a note that said "look after Harry (her invalid brother)" which Ford Madox Brown (age 40) persuaded Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 33) to burn. Shortly after her death Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 27) moved into the family home to become housekeeper to Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 33).

1863. Retouched 1873. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 34). "Die Geliebte" aka "The Beloved" aka "The Bride". Models: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 16), Ellen Smith, Marie Ford Model, Fanny Entwhistle aka Eaton (age 27) and Keomi aka Keytumas Gray (age 21).

Two Biblical texts are inscribed on the frame below the painting.

My beloved is mine and I am his. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: For thy love is better than wine. [The Song of Songs by King Solomon]

She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework: the virgins that be her fellows shall bear her company, and shall be brought unto thee.

1863. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 34). "Dona en Groc" aka "Woman in Yellow". Model Annie Miller (age 28).

1863. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 34). "Helen of Troy". Model Annie Miller (age 28).

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 02 Jan 1863. Friday. 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

My dear Rose (age 43)

I have asked Whistler to dinner Thursday next at 6. Will you meet him?


D G Rossetti (age 34)

Next Wednesday will do well for the Deed of Partnership

Letters of James McNeill Whistler 1863. 16 Mar 1863 or 23 Mar 1863. 7a Queens Road West, Chelsea. Monday - / March

Dear Rose (age 43) -

Any news about "my house" - . Is it all right? am I wanted to take any step? or will it all be settled without me? Are you going to make him do anything at all to the house and can I go in shortly when the agreement is made

I have been knocked up for a couple of days with rheumatism but hope to get to work again tomorrow - I was very sorry not to see you the other day at Rossetti's (age 34) -

Will you drop me a line about the house.

With many thanks

Ever Yours

J Whistler (age 28)

Letters of James McNeill Whistler 1863. 13 May 1863. 7 Lindsey Row Battersea Bridge Old Chelsea. Wednesday

Dear Rossetti (age 35) -

Note D. come and breakfast with me on Sunday next at half past eleven - to meet Gambart (age 48) and perhaps Steevens (age 40) -

Ever yours

J Whistler (age 28)

Letters of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 09 Dec 1863. 16 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

My dear Leathart (age 43),

The picture of Whistler's (age 29) which I mentioned was the unfinished Chinese one, since bought by Gambart (age 49) & which was, as I thought, the one about which you wished to know.

The Thames picture is still unsold, and on enquiring of Whistler (age 29) I find its price is 300 guineas. It is the noblest of all the pictures he has done hitherto, and is the one for your collection.

regards Legros' works, I yesterday saw for the first time a picture he is doing now, of Hamlet in his mother's chamber, where he kills Polonius, about 20 inches by 15 I suppose in size, it may be rather more, and a truly admirable work, the finest he has done in London as yet. He intends to ask 45 guineas for it. It is so very cheap proportionately to the other that I am induced to mention it to you, since it is a work which will stand the proximity of anything whatever, being most full & luminous in colour, though, like all his work, low in tone.

With kind remembrances to Mrs. Leathart[8].

I remain my dear Leathart

Yours ever truly

D G Rossetti (age 35)

From 1864 to 1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 35). "Beata Beatrix". Model [his former wife] Elizabeth Siddal.

Between 1864 to 1868. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 35). Study for Venus Verticordia aka Venus, Changer of the heart. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 17).

Between 1864 to 1868. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 35). Venus Verticordia aka Venus, Changer of the heart. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 17).

Apr 1864. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 35). "The First Madness of Ophelia".

1865. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 36). "The Blue Bower". Model Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 29).

1865. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 36). Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 29).

Around 1865. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 36). "Study of a Young Woman". Model Fanny Entwhistle aka Eaton (age 29).

1865. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 36). Study for Washing Hands. Drawing of Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 18).

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1865. 05 May 1865. Rossetti (age 36) sent for the study he gave me, a pencil head of Ellen Smith, said it was by inadvertence he had parted with it, as he particularly wished to dispose of it with other studies of the same picture (Bride in Song of Solomon) to the purchasers of the picture. He promised me good measure" in exchange. Dined at Mills' Coffee House. The beautiful Rafiaelesque girl has left—the waiter thinks for Australia. Alas!

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1865. 19 May 1865. Dined with Rossetti (age 37) and Fanny (age 30) and Howell at Chelsea. Settled to take för 50 eleven selected pencil studies of heads, R. in addition giving me one of a new model he has got to sit.

The Diary of George Price Boyce 1865. 22 May 1865. Rossetti (age 37) sent down by Pope 13 pencil studies of heads, of which 2 (one of Ellen Smith and another ¾ of a new model) are gifts.

The other 11, viz, 3 of Fanny Cornforth (age 30), 2 of Ellen Smith, 1 of Ada, 1 of Mrs. Morris of Upton, £10, 1 of the negro boy, 1 of a negro girl, 1 of Mrs. Eaton, and 1 of Marie Ford I pay £60 for.

Around 1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Study for Sibylla Palmifera aka Soul's Beauty. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 19).

From 1866 to 1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Sibylla Palmifera aka Soul's Beauty. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 19).

1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Drawing of Annie Miller (age 31).

1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Drawing of [his sister] Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 35).

1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Watercolour "Hamlet and Ophelia".

1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Monna Vanna aka Vain Woman. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 19). The fan also appears in the painting Veronica Veronese.

1866. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 37). Regina Cordium aka Queen of Hearts. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 19).

1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). "Jolie Coeur". Model Ellen Smith.

1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). "Lady Lilith". Watercolor. Model Sarah Cox aka Fanny Cornforth (age 31). Painted after the original Lady Lilith. On a label attached to its frame is a verse from Goethe's Faust translated by Shelley:

"Beware of her fair hair, for she excells

All women in the magic of her locks,

And when she twines them round a young man's neck

she will not ever set him free again."

1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). Drawing of Ford Madox Brown (age 45).

Around 1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). Aspecta Medusa. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 20).

Around 1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). Mary Magdalene. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 20).

1867. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 38). Rosa Triplex. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 20).

1868. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 39). Study for La Pia de' Tolomei. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 21).

1868. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 39). La Pia de' Tolomei. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 21).

1868. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 39). Blue Silk Dress. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 28).

1869. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 40). Mrs William Morris aks Jane Morris nee Burden (age 29).

Letters of Christina Rossetti. 56 Euston Square, N.W.

Friday afternoon, 14th. [May 1869]1

My dear Miss Boyd (age 44)

Thank you warmly for so exceedingly kind an invitation, concerning which I will only put forward one regret, that Mrs Epps [Note. Not clear who Mrs Epps is since Laura Theresa Epps (age 17) didn't marry Lawrence Alma-Tadema (age 33) until 1871] should lose what might so have refreshed her both in mind and in body. And indeed, if I may, I will say that should it after all turn out that she could visit lovely Penkill you will without hesitation let me know your altered plans to which I shall most readily conform mine. On the other hand if I go, it will be a special indulgence to travel with the Scotts [Note. William Bell Scott (age 58) and Letitia Margery Norquoy] and as you give me so generous a latitude I will even feel housed at the Castle until a companion offers with whom to start south again;-the journey being somewhat formidably lengthy. But this, of course, only in case it brings my visit within not altogether unreasonable dimensions. How very kind you are to me, and how much I should like to make my gratitude obvious to you. Knowing what a Dear Mrs Scott is, I think she will kindly let me know her plans in due course: meanwhile I expect to run down to Gloucester next week on a little visit to my Uncle if he will have me, but to be up again in time for Penkill.

My love, please, to Mrs Scott, and a kindred sentiment to Mr Scott (age 58). We saw Gabriel (age 41) last night, but I know nothing at all about his summer plans.2

My [his mother] Mother (age 69) desires her most cordial remembrances to you, and adds her thanks to mine on my behalf.

Always and affectionately yours

[his sister] Christina G. Rossetti (age 38).

I expect you will find me quite a different order of being this year as regards walking, and I mean to trim up my old hat for possible croquet.

Note 1. Endorsed: "1867." CGR returned to Penkill in 1869, from 9 June to 22 July, not in 1867.

Note 2. DGR (age 41) was at Penkill from mid-August to 20 September.

Letters of Christina Rossetti. 56 Euston Square, London, N.W.

Thursday afternoon. [August 1869]

My dear Alice (age 44)

You who are lady of castle and lands, and deal justice not only to man and maid but likewise to fish and fowl, might be amused to witness the painstaking responsibility and toil with which I keep house for two. This arduous housekeeping added to my habitual labours and enterprises must explain your kind letter's having waited awhile for its answer; its enclosed plume of fluff1 fans the flame of my grateful remembrance of you and Penkill,-not that this needed fanning.

Please thank Mr Scott (age 58) for the note which puts my scrap to the blush, and assure him that if a second creative moment unlocks the lips of Sir Bedavere2 the golden utterance will reach [his sister] Maria (age 42) whether addressed to her in Euston Sq., or at 3 Copt Hall Place-Folkestone.

It is a blameless triumph that a letter reached you on Tuesday morning. I hope the oldest inhabitant continues to thrive, and that if the crabb-dear me! I have turned him into ½ a poet!3-if the crab's position becomes too pitiable he may regain freedom and peace in his native sea. Aunt Eliza was delighted with the weed we picked up together, and cannot have had such a haul I know not when.-Mrs Scott shared with me the enjoyment of your letter last Saturday when I had the pleasure of lunching with her at Notting Hill. She looked and seemed well. Now I am hoping, but not with confidence, that she will say "yes" and meet the Edgcomes4 at tea here next Saturday. These mutual friends are migrating to the immediate neighbourhood of Oxford with an eye to retrenchment, and have promised to make two at a peculiarly festive festivity which may call together no more than themselves and Aunt Eliza to honour my teaboard;-for Mrs Scott may say "no", and [his brother] William (age 39) may have flitted to Folkestone for a glimpse of our Mother. Gabriel (age 41) le désiré has asked people to dine with him tomorrow, so presumably he cannot at once be exchanging Chelsea for lovely Penkill;-but I merely infer.-I hope the red lady and her blossoming bower grace and enhance each other;- and that the S.K. windows are progressing to the satisfaction both of blue-eyes and light-(!)-eyes; not to the production of a permanent "Grecian bend".5-William has read me his life of Shelley6, in which I find matter to interest me and impartiality to admire. Certainly impartiality is not a feminine virtue.-Poor ducklings suggestive of green peas! Perhaps the gentleman who discerned in you a "dear girl" might also view you as a "duck"-and thus make you a cannibal.

Note 1. The enclosure does not remain with the letter.

Note 2. CGR's allusion here is obscure.

Note 3. George Crabbe was one of CGR's favorite poets.

Note 4. Not identified.

Note 5. The first reference is to the paintings illustrative of The King's Quair, in process when CGR was first at Penkill in 1866 and completed by her second visit in June of 1869; the second is to WBS's stained-glass windows for the Ceramic Gallery of the South Kensington Museum (Bornand, p. 145 n. 1). "Blue-eyes and light-(!)-eyes" probably refer to Alice Boyd and Letitia Scott. "Grecian Bend" remains obscure.

Note 6. See letter no. 373, n. 2.

In Oct 1869 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41) exhumed the remains of [his former wife] Elizabeth Siddal to retrieve the book of poems he had placed in her coffin seven years previously. He published the works the following year.

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Head Study for Dante's Dream. Model Marie Spartali aka Stillman (age 25).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Portrait of Marie Spartali aka Stillman (age 25).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Portrait of Maria Terpsithea Cassavetti aka Zambaco (age 26).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Portrait of Maria Terpsithea Cassavetti aka Zambaco (age 26).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). La Donna della Fiamina aka The Woman of Flames. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 30).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Study for Dante's Dream. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 23).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Mariana. The bottom of the frame has these words from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure "Take, O Take those lips away, That so sweetly were forsworn, And those eyes, the break of day, Lights that do mislean the morn. But my kisses bring again, bring again, Seals of love, but sealed in vain, sealed in vain." Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 30).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). Study for Dante's Dream. Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 23).

1870. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 41). "A Vision of Fiammetta". Model Marie Spartali aka Stillman (age 25).

1871. George Frederick Watts (age 53). Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 42).

1871. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 42). Pandora. Holding the box - see Hesiod's Works and Days Lines 83 to 108 lines 90-94. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 31).

1871. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 42). Dante's Dream at the Time of the Death of Beatrice. Models: Beatrice: Jane Morris nee Burden (age 31), far left Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 24), far right Annie Miller (age 36).

Between 1872 and 1873. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 43). Study for Lilith's Head. Model probably Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 25).

1872. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 43). Veronica Veronese. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 25). Sold to Frederick Richards Leyland in 1872 for £840. In 1923 it was acquired by the estate of Samuel Bancroft which donated it in 1935 to the Delaware Art Museum. The painting depicts an uncaged bird, with camomile in the cage, on the desk primroses and daffodils. The fan at her side also appears in the paintint Monna Vanna. The quote is attributed on the frame to "The Letters of Girolamo Ridolfi,", which may a conceit, Suddenly leaning forward, the Lady Veronica rapidly wrote the first notes on the virgin page. Then she took the bow of her violin to make her dream reality; but before commencing to play the instrument hanging from her hand, she remained quiet a few moments, listening to the inspiring bird, while her left hand strayed over the strings searching for the supreme melody, still elusive. It was the marriage of the voices of nature and the soul—the dawn of a mystic creation. Translation from the French by Rowland Elzea.

1872. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 43). The Bower Meadow. Models Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 25) right in green, Marie Spartali aka Stillman (age 27) left in red.

1872. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 43). Portrait of Mary "May" Morris (age 9).

1873. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 44). "La Ghirlandata" aka "The Garlanded Woman" aka "The Lady of the Wreath". Model: Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 26). Mary "May" Morris (age 10) modelled for the heads in the corners. A woman playing a harp as two angels surround her, enclosed by vivid flowers – including honeysuckle and roses – and luscious green foliage which melds into the green of her dress.

1874. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 45). Damsel of the Sanct Grael. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 27).

1874. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 45). Alexa Wilding. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 27).

1874. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 45). Roman Widow. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 27).

1874. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 45). Portrait of Emma Lucy Madox Brown (age 30).

From 1874 and 1876. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 45). Portarit of Clara Vaughan Morgan.

1875. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 46). La Bella Mano aka The Beautiful Hand. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 28).

Between 1875 and 1878. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 46). The Blessed Damozel. Models centre Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 28), probably left-hand angel Mary "May" Morris (age 12). The first four verses of his poem The Blessed Damozel are written on the frame. In the collection of the Lady Lever Art Gallery [Map].

1875. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 46). Study for La Bella Mano aka The Beautiful Hand. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 28).

1875. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 46). Study of Mrs William Morris aka Jane Morris nee Burden (age 35).

1876. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 47). Drawing of Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 45).

Letters of Christina Rossetti. [Late November 1876]

My dear Alice (age 51)

You will not, will you? grudge me the pleasure of answering your note of loving remembrance. Every word of sympathy & of affectionate remembrance of our dear [his sister] Maria (age 49) goes to my [his mother] Mother's (age 76) & my heart; & such words have poured in upon us, & have assured us that a widening circle has felt the thrill of our loss.

I am so glad you are seeing & hearing from Gabriel (age 48) again:1 every dear person gone out of sight brings out the preciousness of those who remain.

My Mother sends you her love, & I send you mine. And recollecting old Penkill2 delights & all your kindness to me always, I claim the right to sign myself both

Your grateful & affectionate

[his sister] Christina G. Rossetti (age 45).

Note 1. After his collapse and attempted suicide in 1872 DGR (age 48) became increasingly paranoid, suspicious even of many old friends, including the W. B. Scotts and Alice Boyd.

Note 2. DGR (age 48) paid long visits to AB's home in Scotland, Penkill Castle, during the summers of 1866 and 1869.

1877. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 48). Astarte Syriaca. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 37).

1877. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 48). Portraits of the artist's sister and mother [his sister] Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 46) and [his mother] Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori (age 76)

1877. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 48). A Sea-Spell. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 30).

1877. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 48). "Proserpine". Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 37).

1877. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 48). Drawing of Louisa Ruth Herbert (age 46).

1879. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 50). Portrait of Frederick Richards Leyland (age 47).

1879. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 50). Alexa Wilding. Model Alice aka Alexa Wilding (age 32).

1880. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 51). "The Daydream". Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 40).

1880 to 1882. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 51). "The Salutation of Beatrice". Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 40).

1881. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 52). Joan of Arc. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 41).

1881. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 52). La Donna della Finestra aka The Woman at the Window. Model Jane Morris nee Burden (age 41).

Before 1882. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 53). Portrait of Maria Hedley.

Before 1882. Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 53). The Lady of Shalott. Part 4 Stanza 7 of the 1842 revised version: "But Lancelot mused a little space; He said, "She has a lovely face; God in his mercy lend her grace, The Lady of Shalott." engraved by the Dalziel Brothers.

On 09 Apr 1882 Dante Gabriel Rossetti (age 53) died. He was buried at All Saints Church, Birchington on Sea [Map]. There is a Celtic Cross marking his grave commissioned by his mother [his mother] Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori (age 81), designed by Ford Madox Brown (age 60) and erected in the presence of his brother [his brother] William Michael Rossetti (age 52) and sister [his sister] Christina Georgina Rossetti (age 51) as written on the base of the cross.

Letters of Christina Rossetti. 30, Torrington Square, London. W.C., October 23. 1882.

My dear Alice (age 57)

I think you will read my letter with both pleasure and pain. My dearest [his mother] Mother (age 82) sends love to you and hopes it will please you to accept from her a trifling remembrance of your dear friend who so truly admired you, our own Gabriel. Among a few things yesterday divided between herself and [his brother] William (age 53) is the brass plate of a sundial-perhaps the very one in the old Cheyne Walk garden-about 5 1/2 inches square. It has its 4 corner-screws all ready to work into stone or tree-stump and is (so far as I can perceive) quite perfect in condition. May we send it you down to Penkill?-and think of it as marking time somewhere in the beautiful place where you and Miss Losh2 cared for himself and for his health so kindly.

Send me a consenting word, please. Then my Mother will have the major gratification of presenting, and I the minor gratification of packing.


Your affectionate friend

[his sister] Christina G. Rossetti (age 51).

Alice Boyd (1825-97) was the companion of William Bell Scott and his wife Letitia until his death. When AB's brother died in February of 1865, she inherited Penkill Castle, which both DGR and CGR visited during the 1860s. AB was introduced to CGR late in 1847 or early in 1848. Their subsequent friendship remained strong until CGR's death.

Note 2. AB's half sister. See letter no. 1299, n. 1.

Sestina of the Lady Pietra degli Scrovigni is a poem by Dante Alighieri translated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

To the dim light and the large circle of shade

I have clomb, and to the whitening of the hills,

There where we see no color in the grass.

Natheless my longing loses not its green,

It has so taken root in the hard stone

Which talks and hears as though it were a lady.

Utterly frozen is this youthful lady,

Even as the snow that lies within the shade;

For she is no more moved than is the stone

By the sweet season which makes warm the hills

And alters them afresh from white to green

Covering their sides again with flowers and grass.

When on her hair she sets a crown of grass

The thought has no more room for other lady,

Because she weaves the yellow with the green

So well that Love sits down there in the shade,-

Love who has shut me in among low hills

Faster than between walls of granite-stone.

She is more bright than is a precious stone;

The wound she gives may not be healed with grass:

I therefore have fled far o'er plains and hills

For refuge from so dangerous a lady;

But from her sunshine nothing can give shade,-

Not any hill, nor wall, nor summer-green.

A while ago, I saw her dressed in green,-

So fair, she might have wakened in a stone

This love which I do feel even for her shade;

And therefore, as one woos a graceful lady,

I wooed her in a field that was all grass

Girdled about with very lofty hills.

Yet shall the streams turn back and climb the hills

Before Love's flame in this damp wood and green

Burn, as it burns within a youthful lady,

For my sake, who would sleep away in stone

My life, or feed like beasts upon the grass,

Only to see her garments cast a shade.

How dark soe'er the hills throw out their shade,

Under her summer green the beautiful lady

Covers it, like a stone cover'd in grass.

Cansick's Monumental Inscriptions Volume 2 Highgate Cemetery. Highgate Cemetery. To the Dear Memory of My husband, [his father] Gabriel Rossetti, Born at Vasto Ammone, In the kingdom of Naples, 28th February, 1783 ; Died in London, 26th April, 1854, "He shall return no more, nor see his native country." — Jeremiahi xxii. 10. "Now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly." — Hebrews xi. 16.

Ah dio — ajutami tu. Also to the Memory of Elizabeth Eleanor, Wife of D. G. Rossetti (Eldest son of the above). Who departed on the 11th February, 1862, Aged 30.

Ancestors of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

GrandFather: Gaetano Fedele Polidori

Mother: Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori

GrandMother: Anna Maria Pierce of Middlesex