Biography of Frederick Collings Lukis 1788-1871

Frederick Collings Lukis 1788-1871 is in Antiquaries.

Before 24 Feb 1788 [his father] Captain John Lukis (age 35) and [his mother] Sarah Collings (age 39) were married.

On 24 Feb 1788 Frederick Collings Lukis was born to Captain John Lukis (age 35) and Sarah Collings (age 39).

On 17 Feb 1813 Frederick Collings Lukis (age 24) and Elizabeth Collings (age 21) were married. They had three daughters and six sons. They were first cousins.

In 1816 [his mother] Sarah Collings (age 67) died.

On 08 Apr 1817 [his son] Reverend William Collins Lukis was born to Frederick Collings Lukis (age 29).

In 1832 [his father] Captain John Lukis (age 79) died.

Archaeological Journal Volume 1 Page 142. Observations on the Primeval Antiquities of the Channel Islands (pp 142-151) F. C. Lukis (age 55)

Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society Volume 8 Pages 35-62. Happily, through the careful investigations of archaeologists in different countries, our knowledge of this subject is becoming pretty exact, as well as extensive. To Mr. Lukis (age 70) we are indebted for active and careful investigations in the Channel Islands, especially in the island of Guernsey, where he has brought to light much that may greatly assist us in forming just conclusions respecting other places where similarly constructed barrows have been discovered. So much mystery has hitherto hung over the stone chamber, and the ancient mound of earth which occasionally covers it, that much is due to those who have given to the world correct information as to the purposes for which they were designed. Mr. Lukis (age 70), with much labour, explored forty of these ancient sepulchral remains in the Channel Islands, and some in France and England, and says: I have found a very remarkable similarity pervading all, as though a definite architectural law had regulated their construction, and a precise plan had determined the mode of interment.... From numerous accounts which have reached us, we have reason to conclude that the same structures are to be found in most parts of the world." This being the testimony of a very careful investigator, we shall go on to see to what class of tumuli, and to what people, the curious sepulchre at Wellow may be referred.

On 11 Apr 1865 [his wife] Elizabeth Collings (age 74) died.

Frederick Lukis 1865. Archæological Notes Made By Captain Francis Dubois Lukis H.M's 64th Regiment During A Visit To Buxton Derbyshire In 1865 By Frederick C Lukis (age 78) FSA.

On 15 Nov 1871 Frederick Collings Lukis (age 83) died.

Ancestors of Frederick Collings Lukis 1788-1871

Father: Captain John Lukis

Frederick Collings Lukis

GrandFather: Unamed Father Collings

Mother: Sarah Collings