Biography of Harold St George Gray 1872-1963

Harold St George Gray 1872-1963 is in Archaeologists.

On 15 Jan 1872 Harold St George Gray was born at Lichfield, Staffordshire [Map].

In 1888 Harold St George Gray (age 15) started working for Augustus Henry Fox Pitt-Rivers (age 60).

On 12 Aug 1899 Harold St George Gray (age 27) and Florence Harriet Young (age 24) were married at St Mary's Church, Motcombe. The witnesses were her sister Elizabeth, and their bride and grooms fathers.

On or before 10 Feb 1901, the date he was baptised at St Mary's Church, Iffley, [his son] Lionel St George Gray was born to Harold St George Gray (age 29) and [his wife] Florence Harriet Young (age 25).

Harold Gray 1902. Arbor Low Stone Circle [Map] Excavations in 1901 and 1902. By H. St. George Gray (age 29)

The following is an abstract of a paper communicated to the Society of Antiquaries by Mr. Gray, in April, 1903, and printed in Archæologia, Vol. lviii., pp. 461-498. By kind permission of the Society liberal use has been made of Mr. Gray's paper, and the proofs have been revised by him. We are further indebted to the society for the loan of most of the illustrations in Archæologia, but the size of these pages has necessitated considerable reduction of the plan.

1911. Census. Harold St George Gray (age 38), [his wife] Florence Harriet Young (age 35) and [his son] Lionel St George Gray (age 9) at Castle House, Taunton.

In Jul 1923 [his son] Lionel St George Gray (age 22) died.

In 1924 Alexander Keiller (age 34) bought Windmill Hill Causewayed Enclosure [Map] and excavated between 1925 to 1929 with Harold St George Gray (age 51). Pottery was found in the bottom of the ditches - probably Windmill Hill Pottery. Upper layers contained Peterborough Ware. Later deposits contained Grooved Ware and Beaker Potsherds suggesting continuous occupation over an extended period.

Diary of WEV Young. 23 Sep 1930. Pages 129-131.

Mr Gray (age 58) called me into the hut at five o’clock and paid me off, remarking as he did so that funds this time were very short (I hope he will get enough for his own “honorarium”). [his wife] Mrs Gray (age 55) also joined in with a few well chosen remarks, plainly intended for my edification, although addressed to her spouse – “Really dear: I cannot keep on making up the expenses of the excavations, my purse will not allow it. I had to make up five pounds for the Ham Hill work.” … In the presence of Sir Joseph and Lady Bowley, I listened meekly to all this … behaving myself with that gruelling humility one should do, in the presence of their superiors, then touching my ragged cap I backed away, and took my leave.

Archaeologia Volume 84 1935 Section VI. The Avebury Excavations [Map], 1908-1922. By H. St. George Gray (age 62), Esq., F.S.A. Read 15th November 1934.

On 28 Feb 1963 Harold St George Gray (age 91) died.

On 05 Jun 1970 [his former wife] Florence Harriet Young (age 95) died at Martock, Somerset.