Biography of Thomas Gibson 1680-1751

Thomas Gibson 1680-1751 is in Painters.

Around 1680 Thomas Gibson was born.

Before 02 Sep 1692 Thomas Gibson (age 12). Portrait of Sarah Alston Duchess Somerset (age 50).

Sarah Alston Duchess Somerset: In 1642 she was born to Edward Alston. In 1656 John Seymour 4th Duke Somerset and she were married. He the son of William Seymour 2nd Duke Somerset and Frances Devereux Duchess of Somerset. He a great x 4 grandson of King Henry VII of England and Ireland. On 12 Dec 1671 William Seymour 3rd Duke Somerset died. His uncle John Seymour 4th Duke Somerset succeeded 4th Duke Somerset, 3rd Marquess Hertford, 4th Earl Hertford. She by marriage Duchess Somerset. On 02 Sep 1692 Sarah Alston Duchess Somerset died.

Around 1715 Thomas Gibson (age 35). Portrait of Edward Russell 1st Earl Orford (age 62).

Before 1720 Thomas Gibson (age 40). Portrait of Henrietta Hobart Countess Suffolk (age 30).

Around 1720 Thomas Gibson (age 40). Portrait of George Vertue (age 36).

Before 1737 Thomas Gibson (age 57). Portrait of Archbishop William Wake (age 79).

Before 1751 Thomas Gibson (age 71). Portrait of Mary Joanna Cutts Revett (age 43).

Mary Joanna Cutts Revett: In 1707 she was born to Colonel Edmund Revett. Before 31 Oct 1741 Charles Russell and she were married. In 1764 she died.

On 28 Apr 1751 Thomas Gibson (age 71) died.