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Tewkesbury Abbey is in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire [Map].

1471 Battle of Tewkesbury

1476 Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Miscellaneous Photos.

After 1326. Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. The remnants of the monument to Hugh "Younger" Despencer 1st Baron Despencer (age 40).

On 28 Feb 1336 William Zouche 1st Baron Zouche Mortimer (age 71) died at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. He was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. His son Alan Zouche 2nd Baron Zouche Mortimer (age 18) succeeded 2nd Baron Zouche Mortimer. Eleanor Damory Baroness Zouche Mortimer (age 17) by marriage Baroness Zouche Mortimer.

On 31 May 1359 Elizabeth Montagu Baroness Badlesmere and Despencer (age 35) died. Monument in Tewkesbury Abbey [Map].

On 11 Nov 1375 Edward Despencer 1st Baron Despencer, Baron Burghesh (age 40) died at Llanblethian. He was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. His son Thomas Despencer 1st Earl Gloucester (age 2) succeeded 2nd Baron Despencer.

After 11 Nov 1375. Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Chantry of Edward Despencer 1st Baron Despencer, Baron Burghesh (deceased). Beautifully carved tomb in the Early English Perpendicular Style with a statue of him kneeling above the tomb facing the alter.

On 17 Aug 1390 Guy de Bryan (age 71) died. Monument at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Alabaster with, unusually, a portrait rather than a generic face. Early Plate Bascinet Period. He was buried at St James' Church, Slapton.

On 08 May 1411 William Beauchamp 1st Baron Bergavenny (age 68) died at Meaux [Map]. He was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. His son Richard Beauchamp 1st Earl of Worcester (age 15) succeeded 2nd Baron Bergavenny.

Dugdale's Warwickshire. Touching the said Lady Isabel (deceased) his Countesse I find, that she did not long survive him; for her Testament1 bears dare the date the first of December following, and the probat thereof 4. Febr. the same year. Of which Testament, forasmuch as it is very mememorable, I shall here deliver the substance; viz,. that her body should be interred in the Abby of Teskesbury [Map] , and her great Templys2 with the baleys3 sold to the utmost , and delivered to the Monks of that house, so that they grutcht not with her burial there, and what else she had appointed to be done about the same. As also that her statue should be made all nakyd with her hair cast backwards according to the design and modell that one Thomas Porchalion had for that purpose and Mary Madg. laying her hands a-crosse, with S. John the Evang. on the right side and on the left side S. Anthony; and at her feet a Scocheon empaling her Arms with those of the Earle her late Husband, supported by two Gryphons, but on the sides thereof the statues of poor men and women in their poor array, with their beads in their hands. She also willed, that of her great Sharp a Challice should be made & offered to our Lady in the Lady-Chapell there at Tewkesbury and gave to our Lady of Caversham a Crown of Gold made of her Chain (weighing 25.l.) and other broken Gold in her Cabinet; and two Tablets , the one of S. Catherine, the other of S. George, the precious stones of which Tablets to be set in the said Crown. Her Tablet with the Image of our Lady, having a Glasse for it, she appointed to be offered unto our Lady of Walsingham with wide slieves, and a Tabernacle of silver like in the timbre to that over on; Lady of Caversham; and that her great Image of Wax, then at London, should be offered to our Lady of Worcester. To the Abby of Tewkesbury she gave her wedding Gown, and all her Cloaths of Gold, and Cloaths of Silk without Furs, saving one of Russet Velvet which she bequeathed to S. Winifride [Map]; further directing that all her precious Stones and Pearls should be sold, as also her silver Vessel and goods to perform her Will, whereof Sr. Will Mountfort, John Nansan, and John Norreii were consticuted Executors.

Note 1. Lussnam Q 27.

Note 2. Jewels hanging on womens foreheads by bodkins thrust into their hair.

Note 3. Pale, or Peach coloured Rubies.

After 14 Apr 1471 John Courtenay 15th Earl Devon (age 36) was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map].

Battle of Tewkesbury

On 04 May 1471 King Edward IV of England (age 29) was victorious at the Battle of Tewkesbury. His brother Richard (age 18), Richard Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Powick (age 36), John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk (age 46), George Neville 4th and 2nd Baron Bergavenny (age 31), John Savage (age 49), John Savage (age 27), Thomas St Leger (age 31), John Tuchet 6th Baron Audley, 3rd Baron Tuchet (age 45), Thomas Burgh 1st Baron Burgh (age 40) fought. William Brandon (age 46), George Browne (age 31), Ralph Hastings, Richard Hastings Baron Willoughby (age 38), James Tyrrell (age 16), Roger Kynaston of Myddle and Hordley (age 38) were knighted. William Hastings 1st Baron Hastings (age 40) commanded.

Margaret of Anjou (age 41) was captured. Her son Edward of Westinster Prince of Wales (age 17) was killed. He was the last of the Lancastrian line excluding the illegitmate Charles Somerset 1st Earl of Worcester (age 11) whose line continues to the present.

John Courtenay 15th Earl Devon (age 36) was killed and attainted. Earl Devon, Baron Courtenay forfeit. Some sources refer to these titles as being abeyant?

John Wenlock 1st Baron Wenlock (age 71) was killed. Baron Wenlock extinct.

John Delves (age 49), Humphrey Tuchet (age 37), John Beaufort (age 30), William Vaux of Harrowden (age 35) and Robert Whittingham (age 42) were killed.

Edmund Beaufort 3rd Duke Somerset (age 32) and Hugh Courtenay (age 44) were captured.

Henry Roos fought and escaped to Tewkesbury Abbey [Map] where he sought sanctuary. He was subsequently pardoned.

After 04 May 1471 Edward of Westinster Prince of Wales (age 17) was buried at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Brass floor marker of the grave of Edward of Westinster Prince Wales 1453-1471.

On 06 Oct 1476 Richard York was born to George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 26) and Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence (age 25) at Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. He a great x 3 grandson of King Edward III of England. Coefficient of inbreeding 5.36%.

Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho

On 22 Dec 1476 Isabel Neville Duchess Clarence (age 25) died from childbirth. The cause of death unknown but likely a consequence of the birth of her fourth child Richard in early October. She was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. George York 1st Duke of Clarence (age 27) believed she had been murdered by Ankarette Hawkeston aka Twynyho. See Trial and Execution of Ankarette Twynyho.

Ankarette Hawkeston aka Twynyho: Around 1435 William Twynyho and she were married.

On 27 Apr 1534 Abbot John Wakeman was appointed Abbot Tewkesury Abbey.

After 1549. Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Cadaver Cenotaph to Abbot John Wakeman. The Cadaver unusual for the detail of worms and mice.

Abbot John Wakeman: On 27 Apr 1534 he was appointed Abbot Tewkesury Abbey. In 1549 he died.

After 1887. Tewkesbury Abbey [Map]. Monument to Dinah Maria Murlock. Sculpted by Henry Hugh (age 58).

On 16 Jun 1912 Hemming Robeson died. Monument in Tewkesbury Abbey [Map], sculpted by Percy Bryant Baker (age 30), was dedicated.

Hemming Robeson: In 1892 he was appointed Archdeacon Bristol which post he held until 1904.