Biography of Meynnart Wewyck 1460-1525

Meynnart Wewyck 1460-1525 is in Painters.

Around 1460 Meynnart Wewyck was born. The date someting of a guess. He had become established by 1502.

On 19 Sep 1502 Mynour, the Inglis payntour (age 42) delivered four portraits of the English royal family to James IV of Scotland (age 29) at Stirling Castle [Map].

In Nov 1503 Meynnart Wewyck (age 43) returned to England from the Scottish Court.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck (age 50) is believed to have painted the portrait of King Henry VII of England and Ireland.

Around 1510 Meynnart Wewyck (age 50). Portrait of Margaret Beaufort Countess Richmond in the Masters Lodge St John's College, Oxford University. Commissioned by Bishop John Fisher (age 40). Note the Beaufort Arms on the wall beneath which is the Beafort Portcullis. Repeated in the window. She is wearing widow's clothes, or possibly that of a convent; Gabled Headress with Lappets. On 29 Mar 2019, St John's College, Cambridge, which she founded, announced the portrait was original work by Wewyck.

After 1525 Meynnart Wewyck (age 65) died.