Biography of Remigius van Leemput 1607-1675

Remigius van Leemput 1607-1675 is in Painters.

On 19 Dec 1607 Remigius van Leemput was born.

Before 1661. Remigius van Leemput (age 53). Copy of Peter Lely (age 42) portrait of Henry Hyde, Viscount Cornbury and his first wife Theodosia Capell.

Theodosia Capell: she was born to Arthur Capell 1st Baron Capell Hadham and Elizabeth Morrison Baroness Capell Hadham. In 1660 Henry Hyde 2nd Earl Clarendon and she were married. She died a year later. He the son of Edward Hyde 1st Earl Clarendon and Frances Aylesbury Countess Clarendon. On or after 28 Nov 1661 Theodosia Capell died.

1667. Remigius van Leemput (age 59). Copy (for which he received £150) of Hans Holbein's "Whitehall Mural" of King Henry VIII of England and Ireland, King Henry VII of England and Ireland, Elizabeth York Queen Consort England and Queen Jane Seymour. The original was destroyed in a fire in 1698.

Before 1675. Remigius van Leemput (age 67). Portrait of Barbara Villiers Countess Suffolk (age 52).

On 04 Nov 1675 Remigius van Leemput (age 67) died.