Biography of Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Paternal Family Tree: Dunkeld

Descendants Family Tree: Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

1054 Battle of Dunsinane

1066 Coronation of William The Conqueror

1068 Coronation of Queen Matilda

1071 Revolt of Hereward the Wake

1093 Battle of Alnwick

Before 1031 [his father] Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland (age 30) and [his mother] Bethóc Unknown Queen Consort Scotland were married.

Around 26 Mar 1031 Malcolm III King Scotland was born to Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland (age 30) and Bethóc Unknown Queen Consort Scotland.

In 1034 [his father] Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland (age 33) succeeded I King Scotland. [his mother] Bethóc Unknown Queen Consort Scotland by marriage Queen Consort Scotland.

On 14 Aug 1040 [his father] Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland (age 39) was killed in action by the army of King Macbeth of Scotland (age 35). King Macbeth of Scotland (age 35) succeeded King Scotland.

Battle of Dunsinane

John of Worcester. 27 Jul 1054. Siward (age 44), the stout earl of Northumbria, by order of the king (age 51) entered Scotland, with a large body of cavalry and a powerful fleet, and fought a battle with Macbeth (age 49), king of the Scots, in which the king was defeated with the loss of many thousands both of the Scots and of the Normans before mentioned; he then, as the king had commanded, raised to the throne Malcolm (age 23), son of the king of the Cumbrians. However, his own son and many English and Danes fell in that battle.

On 16 Mar 1058 Lulach King Scotland died. Malcolm III King Scotland (age 26) succeeded III King Scotland.

Before 1060 Malcolm III King Scotland (age 28) and Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. He the son of Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland and Bethóc Unknown Queen Consort Scotland.

Around 1060 [his son] Duncan II King Scotland was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 28) and [his wife] Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland.

John of Worcester. 24 Apr 1066. The same year a comet was seen on the eighth of the calends of May [24th April], not only in England, but, as it is reported, all over the world: it shone with excessive brilliance for seven days. Soon afterwards earl Tosti (age 40) returned from Flanders, and landed in the Isle of Wight [Map]; and, having compelled the islanders to give him pay and tribute, he departed, and plundered along the sea-coast, until he arrived at Sandwich, Kent [Map]. King Harold (age 44), who was then at London, having been informed of this, ordered a considerable fleet and a body of horse to be got ready, and prepared to go in person to the port of Sandwich, Kent [Map]. On receiving this intelligence, Tosti (age 40) took some of the boatmen of the place, willing or unwilling, into his service, and, departing thence, shaped his course for Lindsey [Map], where he burnt several vills and slew a number of men. Thereupon Edwin, earl of Mercia, and Morcar, earl of Northumbria, flew to the spot with some troops, and drove him out of that neighbourhood; and, on his departure, he repaired to Malcolm (age 35), king of the Scots, and remained with him during the whole summer. Meanwhile king Harold (age 44) arrived at the port of Sandwich, Kent [Map], and waited there for his fleet. When it was assembled, he sailed to the Isle of Wight [Map]; and as William (age 38), earl of Normandy, king Edward's cousin, was preparing an army for the invasion of England, he kept watch all the summer and autumn, to prevent his landing; besides which, he stationed a land army at suitable points along the sea-coast; but provisions failing towards the time of the feast of the Nativity of St. Mary [8th September], both the fleet and army were disbanded.

Flowers of History. Before 25 Dec 1066. And as they all fled to Malcolm, king of Scotland (age 35), they were all honorably received by him. Then also, [his future brother-in-law] Edgar Atheling (age 15), the legitimate heir of the kingdom of England, seeing his country plundered and disturbed on all sides, embarked on board ship with his mother Agatha, and his sisters [his future wife] Margaret (age 21) and [his future sister-in-law] Christina (age 9), and endeavoured to return into Hungary, where he had been born; but, a tempest arising, he was compelled to land on the coast of Scotland. And, in consequence of the occasion thus offered, it came to pass that Margaret (age 21) was given as a bride to King Malcolm (age 35), whose exemplary life and virtuous death are plainly set forth in a book specially composed on that subject. But his sister Christina (age 9) became a nun, and deserves our benediction as one who was married for ever to a heavenly bridegroom.

Coronation of William The Conqueror

Flowers of History. Before 25 Dec 1066. William, Duke of Normandy (age 38), proceeded to the city of London, was received with great exultation by both clergy and people, and was proclaimed king by universal acclamation, and on the day of the birth of our Lord he received the crown of the kingdom of England from Aeldred, archbishop of York. For he refused to accept the office of consecration from Stigand archbishop of Canterbury, although of ancient right that solemn office is known to belong to that see, because he had no legal right to occupy that pre-eminent dignity. Then, haying received homage and the oath of fealty, and hostages likewise, from the nobles, and being confirmed in his kingdom, be became the terror of all those who had aspired to the kingdom. And having arranged his affairs in the different cities and castles, and having placed his own servants in them, he sailed back to Normandy [Map] with the English hostages, and with inestimable treasures. And, when he put the hostages in prison, and committed them to the custody of safe keepers, he returned again to England, where he distributed with a liberal hand the estates and possessions of the Epglish among his Norman comrades who had helped him to subdue the country in the battle of Hastings; expelling all the legitimate owners successively, and becoming a tyrant rather than a king, he burdened the little that remained to them with the yoke of perpetual slavery. And when he saw himself now raised to such a lofty dignity, and confirmed in his proud kingdom, he became rapidly changed into another man; and, alas ! alas ! trampled under foot the nobles of the land, whom their hereditary blood had elevated from the times of old. And the nobles of the kingdom being indignant at this, fled, some of them to Malcolm, king of Scotland (age 35), others, preferring to end their unhappy lives rather than to endure a shameful slavery, sought the desert places and woods, and there living the life of wild beasts, and repenting of having made submission to the Normans, and being weighed down as to their inmost hearts with violent grief, though it was now too late, had recourse to the only hope left them, and prepared secret plots and intrigues. But the noble counts, the brothers Edwin and Morcar, and many other nobles, and many also of the bishops and clergy and many others, whom it would take too long to enumerate by name, when they saw that theirs was the weaker side, and as they disdained to become slaves, abandoned England altogether.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1067. This summer the child [his future brother-in-law] Edgar (age 16) departed, with his mother Agatha, and his two sisters, [his future wife] Margaret (age 22) and [his future sister-in-law] Christina (age 10), and Merle-Sweyne, and many good men with them; and came to Scotland under the protection of King Malcolm (age 35), who entertained them all. Then began King Malcolm (age 35) to yearn after the child's sister, Margaret (age 22), to wife; but he and all his men long refused; and she also herself was averse, and said that she would neither have him nor any one else, if the Supreme Power would grant, that she in her maidenhood might please the mighty Lord with a carnal heart, in this short life, in pure continence. The king (age 35), however, earnestly urged her brother (age 16), until he answered Yea. And indeed he durst not otherwise; for they were come into his kingdom. So that then it was fulfilled, as God had long ere foreshowed; and else it could not be; as he himself saith in his gospel: that "not even a sparrow on the ground may fall, without his foreshowing." The prescient Creator wist long before what he of her would have done; for that she should increase the glory of God in this land, lead the king aright from the path of error, bend him and his people together to a better way, and suppress the bad customs which the nation formerly followed: all which she afterwards did. The king (age 35) therefore received her, though it was against her will, and was pleased with her manners, and thanked God, who in his might had given him such a match. He wisely bethought himself, as he was a prudent man, and turned himself to God, and renounced all impurity; accordingly, as the apostle Paul, the teacher of all the gentries, saith: "Salvabitur vir infidelis per mulierem fidelem; sic et mulier infidelis per virum fidelem," etc.: that is in our language, "Full oft the unbelieving husband is sanctified and healed through the believing wife, and so belike the wife through the believing husband." This queen (age 22) aforesaid performed afterwards many useful deeds in this land to the glory of God, and also in her royal estate she well conducted herself, as her nature was. Of a faithful and noble kin was she sprung. Her father was Edward Etheling, son of King Edmund. Edmund was the son of Ethelred; Ethelred the son of Edgar; Edgar the son of Edred; and so forth in that royal line: and her maternal kindred goeth to the Emperor Henry, who had the sovereignty over Rome. This year went out Githa, Harold's mother, and the wives of many good men with her, to the Flat-Holm, and there abode some time; and so departed thence over sea to St. Omer's.

Coronation of Queen Matilda

John of Worcester. 1068. After Easter [23rd March], the countess Matilda (age 37) came to England from Normandy, and was crowned queen by Aldred, archbishop of York, on Whitsunday [1lth May]. After this, Mariesweyn and Cospatric, and some of the most noble of the Northumbrian nation, in order to escape the king's tyranny, and fearing that, like others, they might be thrown into prison, took with them [his future brother-in-law] Edgar (age 17) the etheling, with his mother Agatha and his two sisters, [his future wife] Margaret (age 23) and [his future sister-in-law] Christina (age 11), and, embarking for Scotland, wintered there under favour of Malcolm (age 36), king of Scots. Meanwhile, king William (age 40) marched his army to Nottingham, Nottinghamshire [Map], and, having fortified the castle there, proceeded to York [Map], where he erected two strong forts, and having stationed in them five hundred men, he gave orders that strong castles should be built at Lincoln, Lincolnshire [Map] and other places.

Before 1070 Malcolm III King Scotland (age 38) and Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 24) were married. She by marriage Queen Consort Scotland. He the son of Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland and Bethóc Unknown Queen Consort Scotland.

Around 1070 [his son] Edmund Dunkeld was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 38) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 25).

Revolt of Hereward the Wake

John of Worcester. 1071. Earls Edwin and Morcar escaped secretly from king William's (age 43) court, finding that he intended to arrest them, and they were for some time in arms against him; but seeing that their enterprise was not successful, Edwin resolved to go to Malcolm (age 39), king of the Scots, but, during the journey, he fell into an ambuscade laid by his own people, and was killed. Morcar and Ethelwine, bishop of Durham, Siward, surnamed Barn, and Hereward (age 36), a man of great bravery, with many others, took ship and went to the Isle of Ely [Map], intending to winter there. The king, hearing of this, blocked up every outlet on the eastern side of the island by means of his boatmen, and caused a bridge, two miles long, to be constructed on the western side. When they saw that they were thus shut in, they resisted no longer, and all surrendered themselves to the king, except the brave Hereward (age 36), who escaped through the fens with a few others. The king immediately sent bishop Ethelwine to Abingdon, where he was imprisoned, and died the same winter. The earl and the rest were dispersed in various parts of England, some being placed in confinement, and others set at liberty with the loss of their hands or eyes.

Flowers of History. 1071. In the same year, king William (age 43) invaded Scotland with a great army, and Malcolm, king of Scotland (age 39), came peaceably to Berwick [Map] to meet him, and became his subject. At this time, count Ranulph of Micenis governed the earldom of Carlisle, who had given efficacious assistance to king William in his conquest of England. He began to build the city of Carlisle [Map], and to strengthen the citizens with many privileges. But when king William was returning from Scotland through Cumberland, seeing so royal a city, he took it from count Ranulph, and gave him instead of it the earldom of Chester, which was endowed with many honours and privileges. And king William commanded Carlisle to be fortified with very strong towers and ramparts. Moreover, king William the Conqueror, on his return from Scotland, built a new castle at Durham [Map], to serve as a protection against the irruptions of the Scots.

Flowers of History. 1071. Moreover, king William (age 43) went to Scotland, and invaded it in a hostile manner, thinking that some of his indomitable enemies, and some of the refugees were there at the king's court, and that some of his own subjects were sheltered there. But as he found no such persons there, when he had received the homage of the king of Scotland (age 39), he returned to his own country.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1072. This year King William (age 44) led a naval force and a land force to Scotland, and beset that land on the sea-side with ships, whilst he led his land-force in at the Tweed;96 but he found nothing there of any icon. King Malcolm (age 40), however, came, and made peace with King William (age 44), and gave hostages, and became his man; whereupon the king returned home with all his force.

Note 96. Florence of Worcester and those who follow him say that William proceeded as far as Abernethy; where Malcolm (age 40) met him, and surrendered to him.

John of Worcester. After 15 Aug 1072. After the Assumption of St. Mary [15th August], William (age 44), king of England, attended by Edric the Forester, made an expedition into Scotland with a naval force and an army of cavalry, and reduced it under his own dominion; and Malcolm (age 41), king of Scots, met him at a place called Abernethy, and did him homage. Ethelric, formerly bishop of Durham, died at Westminster, where king William (age 44) had sent him into confinement, on Monday, the ides [the 15th] of October. Walchere, a native of Lorraine, succeeded Ethelwine in the see of Durham.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1074. This year King William (age 46) went over sea to Normandy; and child [his brother-in-law] Edgar (age 23) came from Flanders into Scotland on St. Grimbald's mass-day; where King Malcolm (age 42) and his sister [his wife] Margaret (age 29) received him with much pomp. At the same time sent Philip, the King of France (age 21), a letter to him, bidding him to come to him, and he would give him the castle of Montreuil [Map]; that he might afterwards daily annoy his enemies. What then? King Malcolm (age 42) and his sister Margaret (age 29) gave him and his men great presents, and many treasures; in skins ornamented with purple, in pelisses made of martin-skins, of grey-skins, and of ermine-skins, in palls, and in vessels of gold and silver; and conducted him and his crew with great pomp from his territory. But in their voyage evil befel them; for when they were out at sea, there came upon them such rough weather, and the stormy sea and the strong wind drove them so violently on the shore, that all their ships burst, and they also themselves came with difficulty to the land. Their treasure was nearly all lost, and some of his men also were taken by the French; but he himself and his best men returned again to Scotland, some roughly travelling on foot, and some miserably mounted. Then King Malcolm (age 42) advised him to send to King William (age 46) over sea, to request his friendship, which he did; and the king gave it him, and sent after him. Again, therefore, King Malcolm (age 42) and his sister gave him and all his men numberless treasures, and again conducted him very magnificently from their territory. The sheriff of York came to meet him at Durham, and went all the way with him; ordering meat and fodder to be found for him at every castle to which they came, until they came over sea to the king. Then King William (age 46) received him with much pomp; and he was there afterwards in his court, enjoying such rights as he confirmed to him by law.

Around 1074 [his son] Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 42) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 29).

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1077. This year the moon was eclipsed three nights before Candlemas; and in the same year died Aylwy, the prudent Abbot of Evesham, on the fourteenth day before the calends of March, on the mass-day of St. Juliana; and Walter was appointed abbot in his stead; and Bishop Herman also died, on the tenth day before the calends of March, who was Bishop in Berkshire, and in Wiltshire, and in Dorsetshire. This year also King Malcolm (age 45) won the mother of Malslaythe…. and all his best men, and all his treasures, and his cattle; and he himself not easily escaped…. This year also was the dry summer; and wild fire came upon many shires, and burned many towns; and also many cities were ruined thereby.

Around 1078 [his son] Alexander "Fierce" I King Scotland was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 46) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 33).

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1079. This year came King Malcolm (age 47) from Scotland into England, betwixt the two festivals of St. Mary, with a large army, which plundered Northumberland till it came to the Tine, and slew many hundreds of men, and carried home much coin, and treasure, and men in captivity.

Around 1080 [his daughter] Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Queen Consort England was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 48) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 35) at Dunfermline [Map].

Flowers of History. 1080. This year also, king William (age 52) led a powerful army into Wales, and subjugated it; and received homage and hostages for their fidelity from the petty kings of the viscounty. The same year, Antioch was taken by the pagans, together with the adjacent province, which had been a Christian land ever since the time of Saint Peter, without any disturbances. The same year, Malcolm, king of Scotland (age 48), became furious a second time after the Assumption of the blessed Virgin Mary, and ravaged the whole of Northumberland, as far as the river Tyne. But when he heard of this, the king of England (age 52) sent his son Robert (age 29) with an army into Scotland, who returned without having succeeded in his objects, and built a new castle [Map] in the river Tyne, and then returned to his father. The same year also, the king sent his brother Odo, bishop of Bayeux, with a large army, to lay waste Northumberland, the people of which district had risen in insurrection against the king, and had murdered Walcher, bishop of Durham, a man of exemplary character, at Gateshead.

In 1082 [his daughter] Mary Dunkeld Countess Boulogne was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 50) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 37).

Around 1084 [his son] King David I of Scotland was born to Malcolm III King Scotland (age 52) and [his wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 39).

Around 1085 [his son] Malcolm Dunkeld died.

Around 1087 [his son-in-law] Eustace Flanders III Count Boulogne and [his daughter] Mary Dunkeld Countess Boulogne (age 5) were married. She the daughter of Malcolm III King Scotland (age 55) and Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 42). He the son of Eustace Flanders II Count Boulogne (age 72) and Ida Ardennes Countess Boulogne.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1091. In this year the King William (age 35) held his court at Christmas in Westminster, and thereafter at Candlemas he went, for the annoyance of his brother, out of England into Normandy. Whilst he was there, their reconciliation took place, on the condition, that the earl put into his hands Feschamp, and the earldom of Ou, and Cherbourg; and in addition to this, that the king's (age 35) men should be secure in the castles that they had won against the will of the earl. And the king (age 35) in return promised him those many [castles] that their father had formerly won, and also to reduce those that had revolted from the earl, also all that his father had there beyond, except those that he had then given the king (age 35), and that all those, that in England before for the earl had lost their land, should have it again by this treaty, and that the earl should have in England just so much as was specified in this agreement. And if the earl died without a son by lawful wedlock, the king (age 35) should be heir of all Normandy; and by virtue of this same treaty, if the king (age 35) died, the earl should be heir of all England. To this treaty swore twelve of the best men of the king's (age 35) side, and twelve of the earl's, though it stood but a little while afterwards. In the midst of this treaty was [his brother-in-law] Edgar Etheling (age 40) deprived of the land that the earl had before permitted him to keep in hand; and he went out of Normandy to the king (age 35), his sister's husband, in Scotland, and to his sister. Whilst the King William (age 35) was out of England, the King Malcolm (age 59) of Scotland came hither into England, and overran a great deal of it, until the good men that governed this land sent an army against him and repulsed him. When the King William (age 35) in Normandy [Map] heard this, then prepared he his departure, and came to England, and his brother, the Earl Robert (age 40), with him; and he soon issued an order to collect a force both naval and military; but the naval force, ere it could come to Scotland, perished almost miserably, a few days before St. Michael's mass. And the king (age 35) and his brother proceeded with the land-force; but when the King Malcolm (age 59) heard that they were resolved to seek him with an army, he went with his force out of Scotland into Lothaine in England, and there abode. When the King William (age 35) came near with his army, then interceded between them Earl Robert (age 40), and Edgar Etheling (age 40), and so made the peace of the king (age 35)s, that the King Malcolm (age 59) came to our king (age 35), and did homage114, promising all such obedience as he formerly paid to his father; and that he confirmed with an oath. And the King William (age 35) promised him in land and in all things whatever he formerly had under his father. In this settlement was also Edgar Etheling (age 40) united with the king (age 35). And the king (age 35)s then with much satisfaction departed; yet that stood but a little while. And the Earl Robert (age 40) tarried here full nigh until Christmas with the king (age 35), and during this time found but little of the truth of their agreement; and two days before that tide he took ship in the Isle of Wight, and went into Normandy, and Edgar Etheling (age 40) with him.

Note 114. Literally "became his man"—"Ic becom eowr man" was the formula of doing homage.

Around 1093 [his son] Ethelred Dunkeld died.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1093. In this year, during Lent, was the King William (age 37) at Glocester so sick, that he was by all reported dead. And in his illness he made many good promises to lead his own life aright; to grant peace and protection to the churches of God, and never more again with fee to sell; to have none but righteous laws amongst his people. The archbishopric of Canterbury, that before remained in his own hand, he transferred to Anselm (age 60), who was before Abbot of Bec; to Robert his chancellor the bishopric of Lincoln; and to many minsters he gave land; but that he afterwards took away, when he was better, and annulled all the good laws that he promised us before. Then after this sent the King of Scotland, and demanded the fulfilment of the treaty that was promised him. And the King William (age 37) cited him to Glocester, and sent him hostages to Scotland; and [his brother-in-law] Edgar Etheling (age 42), afterwards, and the men returned, that brought him with great dignity to the king (age 37). But when he came to the king (age 37), he could not be considered worthy either of our king's (age 37) speech, or of the conditions that were formerly promised him. For this reason therefore they parted with great dissatisfaction, and the King Malcolm (age 61) returned to Scotland. And soon after he came home, he gathered his army, and came harrowing into England with more hostility than behoved him; and Robert, the Earl of Northumberland, surrounded him unawares with his men, and slew him. Morel of Barnborough slew him, who was the earl's steward, and a baptismal friend115 of King Malcolm (age 61). With him was also slain Edward his son; who after him should have been king (age 37), if he had lived. When the good Queen [his wife] Margaret (age 48) heard this-her most beloved lord and son thus betrayed she was in her mind almost distracted to death. She with her priests went to church, and performed her rites, and prayed before God, that she might give up the ghost. And the Scots then chose116 Dufenal to king, Malcolm's brother, and drove out all the English that formerly were with the King Malcolm (age 61). When Duncan, King Malcolm's (age 61) son, heard all that had thus taken place (he was then in the King William's (age 37) court, because his father had given him as a hostage to our king's (age 37) father, and so he lived here afterwards), he came to the king (age 37), and did such fealty as the king (age 37) required at his hands; and so with his permission went to Scotland, with all the support that he could get of English and French, and deprived his uncle Dufenal of the kingdom, and was received as king. But the Scots afterwards gathered some force together, and slew full nigh all his men; and he himself with a few made his escape.117 Afterwards they were reconciled, on the condition that he never again brought into the land English or French.

Note 115. Literally a "gossip"; but such are the changes which words undergo in their meaning as well as in their form, that a title of honour formerly implying a spiritual relationship in God, is now applied only to those whose conversation resembles the contemptible tittle-tattle of a Christening.

Note 116. From this expression it is evident, that though preference was naturally and properly given to hereditary claims, the monarchy of Scotland, as well as of England, was in principle "elective". The doctrine of hereditary, of divine, of indefeasible "right", is of modern growth.

Around 1093 [his sister-in-law] Christina of Wessex (age 36) died.

Battle of Alnwick

On 13 Nov 1093 the Battle of Alnwick was fought at Alnwick, Northumberland [Map] between the forces of Malcolm III King Scotland (age 62) and Robert de Mowbray 1st Earl Northumbria.

Malcolm III King Scotland (age 62) was killed at The Peth Alnwick [Map]. His son [his son] Duncan II King Scotland (age 33) succeeded II King Scotland. He died a year minus day later.

Malcolm's son [his son] Edward Dunkeld was killed.

Duncan II King Scotland: Around 1060 he was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland. On 12 Nov 1094 Duncan II King Scotland died. His uncle Donald "The Fair White" III King Scotland succeeded III King Scotland.

Edward Dunkeld: he was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland. On 16 Nov 1093 Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland died three days after her husband Malcolm III King Scotland and her son Edward Dunkeld were killed at the Battle of Alnwick.

On 16 Nov 1093 [his former wife] Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland (age 48) died three days after her husband Malcolm III King Scotland (deceased) and her son [his son] Edward Dunkeld were killed at the Battle of Alnwick.

[his son] Ethelred Dunkeld was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland.

[his son] Edward Dunkeld was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Margaret Wessex Queen Consort Scotland.

[his son] Malcolm Dunkeld was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland.

[his son] Donald Dunkeld was born to Malcolm III King Scotland and Ingibiorg Finnsdottir Queen Consort Scotland.

Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093 appears on the following Descendants Family Trees:

Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland 1001-1040

Royal Ancestors of Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Kings Scotland: Son of Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland

Royal Descendants of Malcolm III King Scotland 1031-1093

Agnes La Marck Queen Consort Navarre x 4

Duncan II King Scotland x 1

Edgar "The Valiant" I King Scotland x 1

Alexander "Fierce" I King Scotland x 1

Edith aka Matilda Dunkeld Queen Consort England x 1

King David I of Scotland x 1

Matilda Dammartin Queen Consort Portugal x 1

Blanche Capet Queen Navarre x 1

Maria Reginar Queen Consort France x 1

Joan of Burgundy Queen Consort France x 1

Blanche of Burgundy Queen Consort France x 1

Philip "Noble" III King Navarre x 1

Joan Évreux Queen Consort France x 1

Margaret Hainault Holy Roman Empress x 1

Philippa of Hainault Queen Consort England x 1

Blanche Valois Holy Roman Empress Luxemburg x 1

Blanche Dampierre Queen Consort Norway and Sweden x 1

Joan Auvergne Queen Consort France x 1

Joanna Bourbon Queen Consort France x 2

Blanche Bourbon Queen Consort Castile x 2

King Louis of Naples x 1

Jacquetta of Luxemburg Duchess Bedford x 1

Margaret of Anjou Queen Consort England x 1

Mary of Guelders Queen Consort Scotland x 4

Charlotte Savoy Queen Consort France x 2

Christina Queen Consort Denmark Norway and Sweden x 1

Louis XII King France x 4

Jean III King Navarre x 1

Bianca Maria Sforza Holy Roman Empress x 2

Philip "Handsome Fair" King Castile x 6

Germaine Foix Queen Consort Aragon x 4

Marguerite Valois Orléans Queen Consort Navarre x 6

King Francis I of France x 6

Anne Jagiellon Holy Roman Empress x 1

Anne of Cleves Queen Consort England x 7

Mary of Guise Queen Consort Scotland x 14

Antoine King Navarre x 6

Louis VI Elector Palatine x 4

Louise Lorraine Queen Consort France x 11

Maximilian "The Great" Wittelsbach I Duke Bavaria I Elector Bavaria x 17

Maria Anna Wittelsbach Holy Roman Empress x 17

Electress Louise Juliana of the Palatine Rhine x 4

Ferdinand of Spain II Holy Roman Emperor x 4

Margaret of Austria Queen Consort Spain x 4

Anna of Austria Holy Roman Empress x 1

Eleonora Gonzaga Queen Consort Bohemia x 5

Maria Leopoldine Habsburg Spain Queen Consort Bohemia x 4

Marie Françoise Élisabeth of Savoy Queen Consort of Portugal x 18

Victor Amadeus King Sardinia x 21

Maria Anna Neuburg Queen Consort Spain x 7

Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor x 7

Charles Habsburg Spain VI Holy Roman Emperor x 7

Francis I Holy Roman Emperor x 13

Elisabeth Therese Lorraine Queen Consort Sardinia x 13

King George III of Great Britain and Ireland x 9

Caroline Matilda Hanover Queen Consort Denmark and Norway x 9

Caroline of Brunswick Queen Consort England x 9

King Christian I of Norway and VIII of Denmark x 18

Caroline Amalie Oldenburg Queen Norway x 2

Frederick VII King Denmark x 27

Queen Louise Hesse-Kassel of Denmark x 18

King Christian IX of Denmark x 3

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom x 18

Queen Sophia of Sweden and Norway x 10

Victoria Empress Germany Queen Consort Prussia x 54

King Edward VII of the United Kingdom x 54

Frederick Charles I King Finland x 18

Constantine I King Greece x 1

Alexandrine Mecklenburg-Schwerin Queen Consort Denmark x 28

Victoria Eugénie Mountbatten Queen Consort Spain x 54

Louise Mountbatten Queen Consort Sweden x 54

Ingrid Bernadotte Queen Consort Denmark x 54

Philip Mountbatten Duke Edinburgh x 55

Sophia Glücksburg Queen Consort Spain x 2

Constantine II King Hellenes x 2

Carl XVI King Sweden x 113

Diana Spencer Princess Wales x 12