Third Cousin

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Third Cousin

In 1676 William Brydges 7th Baron Chandos 1621-1676 (55) died of smallpox with no male issue. His third cousin James Brydges 8th Baron Chandos 1642-1714 (33) succeeded 8th Baron Chandos of Sudeley. Elizabeth Barnard Baroness Chandos 1642-1719 (33) by marriage Baroness Chandos of Sudeley.

On 22 Apr 1745 Henry Howard 10th Earl Suffolk 1706-1745 (39) died. His third cousin Henry Bowes Howard 4th Earl Berkshire 11th Earl Suffolk 1686-1757 (59) succeeded 11th Earl Suffolk 4C 1603.

On 30 Oct 1796 Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796 (70) died at Eglinton Castle, Kilwinning. His third cousin Hugh Montgomerie 12th Earl Eglinton 1739-1819 (56) succeeded 12th Earl Eglinton.

In 1784 Joshua Reynolds Painter 1723-1788. Portrait of Archibald Montgomerie 11th Earl Eglinton 1726-1796.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">1780 John Singleton Copley Painter 1738-1815. Portrait of Hugh Montgomerie 12th Earl Eglinton 1739-1819.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 08 Feb 1809 Brownlow Bertie 5th Duke Ancaster and Kesteven 1729-1809 (79) died without male issue at Grimsthorpe. He was buried at St Mary's Church Swinstead on 17 Feb 1809. Duke Ancaster and Kesteven extinct. His third cousin Albermarle Bertie 9th Earl Lindsey 1744-1818 (64) succeeded 9th Earl Lindsey.
Sculpted by Richard Westmacott 1775-1856 (33). A handsome white marble wall tablet in Grecian style depicting deceased and wife on a catafalque with mourning female figure, flanked by mother, children and angel. Above a scrolled cornice with Ducal coronet and palm. Beneath a rectangular inscription panel, flanked by scrolled brackets.

On 16 Dec 1815 Charles Howard 11th Duke Norfolk 1746-1815 (69) died. His third cousin Bernard Howard 12th Duke Norfolk 1765-1842 (50) succeeded 12th Duke Norfolk 3C 1483, 30th Earl Arundel Sussex, 13th Earl Surrey 3C 1483, 10th Earl Norfolk 5C 1644, 7th Earl Norwich 3C 1672, 23rd Baron Mowbray 1C 1283, 27th Baron Segrave 2C 1295, 21st Baron Furnivall 1C 1295, 25th Baron Strange Blackmere 1C 1309, 20th Baron Maltravers 1C 1330, 22nd Baron Talbot 1C 1331, 20th Baron Arundel 1C 1377, 7th Baron Howard of Castle Rising. Elizabeth Belasyse Duchess Norfolk 1770-1819 (45) by marriage Duchess Norfolk.

Around 1785 Thomas Gainsborough Painter 1727-1788. Portrait of Charles Howard 11th Duke Norfolk 1746-1815.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">1816. James Lonsdale Painter 1777-1839. Portrait of Charles Howard 11th Duke Norfolk 1746-1815.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">1819. James Lonsdale Painter 1777-1839. Portrait of Charles Howard 11th Duke Norfolk 1746-1815 looking over the Wye Bridge and Hereford Cathedral.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 11 Dec 1816 Richard Howard 4th Earl Effingham 1748-1816 (68) died. Earl Effingham 1C 1731 extinct. His third cousin Kenneth Alexander Howard 1st Earl Effingham 1767-1845 (49) succeeded 11th Baron Howard of Effingham.

On 21 Mar 1977 William Arthur Henry Cavendish-Bentinck 7th Duke Portland 1893-1977 (84) died. His third cousin Ferdinand Cavendish-Bentinck 8th Duke of Portland 1889-1980 (87) succeeded 8th Duke Portland, 9th Earl of Portland 2C 1689. Baron Bolsover of Bolsover in Derbyshire extinct.

Third Cousin Once Removed

In 1139 Waleran "Pagan" Luxemburg Duke Lower Lorraine 1085-1139 (54) died. His son Henry Luxemburg II Duke Limburg 1111-1167 (28) succeeded II Duke Limburg. His third cousin once removed Godfrey Reginar VII Duke Lower Lorraine 1107-1142 (32) succeeded VII Duke Lower Lorraine.

On 06 Sep 1731 Edward Ward 9th Baron Dudley 4th Baron Ward 1704-1731 (27) died unmarried. His third cousin once removed William Humble Ward 10th Baron Dudley 5th Baron Ward of Birmingham 1781-1835 succeeded 5th Baron Ward of Birmingham, 10th Baron Dudley.

On 24 May 1773 Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773 (78) died at Chesterfield House. His third cousin once removed Philip Stanhope 5th Earl Chesterfield 1755-1815 (17) succeeded 5th Earl Chesterfield.

1742. William Hoare 1707-1792. Portrait of Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">Before 28 May 1745 Johnathan "The Elder" Richardson Painter 1667-1745. Portrait of Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773. Cromwell Museum.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">Around 1745 George Knapton Painter 1698-1778. Portrait of Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">In 1730 John Vanderbank Painter 1694-1739. Portrait of Philip Stanhope 4th Earl Chesterfield 1694-1773 in his Garter Robes<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">Around 1778 Thomas Gainsborough Painter 1727-1788. Portrait of Philip Stanhope 5th Earl Chesterfield 1755-1815.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 21 Aug 1891 Harry George Powlett 4th Duke Cleveland 1803-1891 (88) died at Cleveland House Number 16 St James' Square. Duke Cleveland 2C 1833 extinct. His third cousin once removed Henry de Vere Vane 9th Baron Barnard 1854-1918 (37) succeeded 9th Baron Barnard. Catherine Sarah Cecil Baroness Barnard 1861-1918 (30) by marriage Baroness Barnard.

Before 1891. George Frederick Watts 1817-1904. Portrait of Harry George Powlett 4th Duke Cleveland 1803-1891.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 22 Oct 1923 Algernon St Maur 15th Duke Somerset 1846-1923 (77) died at Maiden Bradley. He was buried at Brimble Hill Clump Bradley House. His third cousin once removed Edward Hamilton Seymour 16th Duke Somerset 1860-1931 (63) succeeded 16th Duke Somerset 4C 1547. Rowena Wall Duchess Somerset 1861-1950 (62) by marriage Duchess Somerset.

On 01 Feb 1963 George Sutherland-Leveson-Gower 5th Duke of Sutherland 1888-1963 (74) died. His third cousin once removed John Sutherland Egerton 6th Duke Sutherland 1915-2000 (47) succeeded 6th Duke Sutherland. His niece Elizabeth Sutherland 24th Countess of Sutherland 1921-2019 (41) succeeded 24th Earl Sutherland.

In 1981 Reginald George de Vere Capell 9th Earl of Essex 1906-1981 (75) died. His third cousin once removed Robert Edward de Vere Capell 10th Earl of Essex 1920-2005 (60) succeeded 10th Earl Essex 9C 1641.

Third Cousin Twice Removed

On 27 Sep 1950 George Henry Bowyer 9th and 5th Baronet 1870-1950 (80) died. Baronet Bowyer of Radley extinct. His third cousin twice removed Bertram Stanley Mitford Bowyer 2nd Baron Denham 1927-2021 (22) succeeded 10th Baronet Bowyer of Denham Court.

On 24 May 1975 Edward Chichester 6th Marquess Donegal 1903-1975 (71) died in Switzerland. His third cousin twice removed Dermot Chichester 7th Marquess Donegal 1916-2007 (59) succeeded 7th Marquess Donegal, 5th Baron Templemore of Templemore in Donegal. Josceline Gabrielle Legge Marchioness County Donegal 1918-1995 (57) by marriage Marchioness Donegal.

Half Third Cousin

On 10 May 1709 William Hay 6th Earl Kinnoull -1709 died. His half third cousin Thomas Hay 7th Earl Kinnoull 1660-1719 (49) succeeded 7th Earl Kinnoull.

On 26 Jan 1782 John Campbell 3rd Earl Breadalbaine and Holland 1696-1782 (85) died. His half third cousin John Campbell 1st Marquess Breadalbane 1762-1834 (19) succeeded 4th Earl Breadalbaine and Holland.

Before 05 Nov 1807 Angelica Kauffmann Painter 1741-1807. Portrait of John Campbell 1st Marquess Breadalbane 1762-1834.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 10 Oct 1794 Archbishop Richard Robinson 1st Baron Rokeby 1708-1794 (86) died at Clifton Bristol. His half third cousin Matthew Robinson 2nd Baron Rokeby 1713-1800 (81) succeeded 2nd Baron Rokeby.

On 01 Dec 1871 George Philip Cecil Arthur Stanhope 7th Earl Chesterfield 1831-1871 (40) died of typhoid unmarried. His half third cousin George Philip Stanhope 8th Earl Chesterfield 1822-1883 (49) succeeded 8th Earl Chesterfield. He had been staying at Londesborough Lodge Scarborough with the Prince of Wales (30) who also contracted typhoid but survived.

1901. Luke Fildes Painter 1843-1927. Coronation Portrait of King Edward VII.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">1911. Luke Fildes Painter 1843-1927. Drawing of King Edward VII on his deathbed.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">Around 1846. Franz Xaver Winterhalter Painter 1805-1873. Portrait of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

Half Third Cousin Once Removed

On 25 Jul 1186 Hugh Lacy 4th Baron Pontefract 1134-1186 (52) was killed by Gilla-Gan-Mathiar O'Maidhaigh at Durrow, County Offaly. He was buried at Durrow Abbey, Durrow, County Offaly, reburied at Bective Abbey, County Meath and reburied again at St Thomas' Abbey, Dublin. Albreda Lissours 5th Lady Pontefract -1194 succeeded 5th Baron Pontefract. His half third cousin once removed Robert Lacy 5th Baron Pontefract succeeded 5th Baron Pontefract.

On 10 Sep 1558 David Lindsay 9th Earl Crawford 1503-1558 (55) died. He had disinherited his own sons. His half third cousin once removed David Lindsay 10th Earl Crawford 1527-1574 (31) succeeded 10th Earl Crawford.

On 30 Jun 1775 Charles Maynard 1st Viscount Maynard 1690-1775 (85) died. His half third cousin once removed Charles Maynard 2nd Viscount Maynard 1752-1824 (22) succeeded 2nd Viscount Maynard of Easton Lodge in Essex. Anne Parsons Viscountess Maynard 1735-1815 (40) by marriage Viscountess Maynard of Easton Lodge in Essex.

On 24 May 1802 James Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1736-1802 (65) died. His half third cousin once removed William Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1757-1844 (44) succeeded 2nd Viscount Lowther, 2nd Baron Lowther. Augusta Fane Countess Lonsdale 1761-1838 (40) by marriage Viscountess Lowther.

Before 26 Jan 1779 Thomas Hudson Painter 1701-1779. Portrait of James Lowther 1st Earl Lonsdale 1736-1802.<BR><p class="inline-paragraph">

On 14 Feb 1937 Arthur Trollope 13th Baronet 1866-1937 (70) died. His half third cousin once removed Frederick Farrand Trollope 14th Baronet 1875-1957 (61) succeeded 14th Baronet of Casewick in Lincolnshire.