Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich [Map]

Norwich, Norfolk is in Norfolk.

1075 Revolt of the Earls

1549 Kett's Rebellion

1553 Lady Jane Grey Proclaimed as Queen

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1004. This year came Sweyne with his fleet to Norwich, Norfolk [Map], plundering and burning the whole town. Then Ulfkytel agreed with the council in East-Anglia, that it were better to purchase peace with the enemy, ere they did too much harm on the land; for that they had come unawares, and he had not had time to gather his force. Then, under the truce that should have been between them, stole the army up from their ships, and bent their course to Thetford, Norfolk [Map]. When Ulfkytel understood that, then sent he an order to hew the ships in pieces; but they frustrated his design. Then he gathered his forces, as secretly as he could. The enemy came to Thetford, Norfolk [Map] within three weeks after they had plundered Norwich; and, remaining there one night, they spoiled and burned the town; but, in the morning, as they were proceeding to their ships, came Ulfkytel with his army, and said that they must there come to close quarters. And, accordingly, the two armies met together; and much slaughter was made on both sides. There were many of the veterans of the East-Angles slain; but, if the main army had been there, the enemy had never returned to their ships. As they said themselves, that they never met with worse hand-play in England than Ulfkytel brought them.

Revolt of the Earls

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1075. This year King William (age 47) gave Earl Ralph (age 33) the daughter of William Fitz-Osborne to wife. This same Ralph (age 33) was British on his mother's side; but his father, whose name was also Ralph, was English; and born in Norfolk. The king (age 47) therefore gave his son the earldom of Norfolk and Suffolk; and he then led the bride to Norwich [Map]. There was that bride-ale The source of man's bale. There was Earl Roger, and Earl Waltheof, and bishops, and abbots; who there resolved, that they would drive the king (age 47) out of the realm of England. But it was soon told the king (age 47) in Normandy how it was determined. It was Earl Roger and Earl Ralph (age 33) who were the authors of that plot; and who enticed the Britons to them, and sent eastward to Denmark after a fleet to assist them. Roger went westward to his earldom, and collected his people there, to the king's (age 47) annoyance, as he thought; but it was to the great disadvantage of himself. He was however prevented. Ralph (age 33) also in his earldom would go forth with his people; but the castlemen that were in England and also the people of the land, came against him, and prevented him from doing anything. He escaped however to the ships at Norwich [Map].97 And his wife was in the castle; which she held until peace was made with her; when she went out of England, with all her men who wished to join her. The king (age 47) afterwards came to England, and seized Earl Roger, his relative, and put him in prison. And Earl Waltheof went over sea, and bewrayed himself; but he asked forgiveness, and proffered gifts of ransom. The king (age 47), however, let him off lightly, until he98 came to England; when he had him seized. Soon after that came east from Denmark two hundred ships; wherein were two captains, Cnute Swainson, and Earl Hacco; but they durst not maintain a fight with King William (age 47). They went rather to York, and broke into St. Peter's minster, and took therein much treasure, and so went away. They made for Flanders over sea; but they all perished who were privy to that design; that was, the son of Earl Hacco, and many others with him. This year died the Lady Edgitha (age 49), who was the relict of King Edward, seven nights before Christmas, at Winchester; and the king (age 47) caused her to be brought to Westminster with great pomp; and he laid her with King Edward, her lord. And the king (age 47) was then at Westminster, at midwinter; where all the Britons were condemned who were at the bride-ale at Norwich. Some were punished with blindness; some were driven from the land; and some were towed to Scandinavia. So were the traitors of King William (age 47) subdued.

Note 97. Whence he sailed to Bretagne, according to Flor. S. Dunelm, etc.; but according to Henry of Huntingdon he fled directly to Denmark, returning afterwards with Cnute and Hacco, who invaded England With a fleet of 200 sail.

Note 98. i.e. Earl Waltheof.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. 1122. In this year was the King Henry (age 54) at Christmas in Norwich, Norfolk [Map], and at Easter in Northampton, Northamptonshire [Map].

On 30 Oct 1426 Anne Despencer Baroness Hastings, Marshal and Morley (age 68) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 25 Mar 1434 Margaret Howard (age 59) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1485-1509. 1506. This yeare a great parte of the cittie of Norwich [Map] was burnt, and the towne of Berkwayeb more then halfe burnt. Also a great fier in London betwene the Custome Howsse and Billinsgate, that did great hurte.

Note b. Berkwey in Arnold, probably Berkeley in Gloucestershire.

Around 1530 Winifred Knightley was born to William Knightley (age 44) at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 15 or 19 Aug 1531 Thomas Bilney (age 36) was burned at the stake at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1530-1539. 16 Aug 1531. This yeare was one burnt at Maidestone [Map] for heresie, and one Bylney (age 36),g a priest, disgraded and burnt at Norwich, Norfolk [Map] for heresie.

Note g. Thomas Bilney (age 36), Bachelor of both Laws, was burnt on the 16th August, 1531.

Kett's Rebellion

In Jul 1549 Kett's Rebellion was a revolt in Norwich, Norfolk [Map] in response to the enclosure of land. The revolt was suppressed by Thomas Tresham (age 49) who received £272, 19.6 for his services.

Lady Jane Grey Proclaimed as Queen

Chronicle of Queen Jane and Two Years of Queen Mary 1553. 12 Jul 1553. The xij th dale the lady Mary (age 37) sent to Norwich [Map] to be proclaymed, but they wolde not, because they were not certeyn of the kinges death; but within a daye after they dyd not only proclayme hir, but also sent men and weapons to ayde hir.

On 08 Jan 1556 Anne Boleyn (age 80) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

In 1558 Nicholas Bacon 1st Baronet (age 18) was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland (age 24) in Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 09 Jan 1564 Margaret Audley Duchess Norfolk (age 24) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map] following the birth of her fourth child. She was buried at Church of St John the Baptist, Norwich [Map].

On 19 Apr 1593 John Hobart 2nd Baronet was born to Henry Hobart 1st Baronet (age 33) and Dorothy Bell Lady Hobart in Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 30 Nov 1594 Bishop John Cosins was born at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 28 Sep 1611 Colonel Augustine Warner was born to Thomas Hoverton Warner (age 30) at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

On 05 Jun 1621 Thomas Pepys was born to Talbot Pepys (age 38) at Norwich, Norfolk [Map]. On 15 Jun 1621 Thomas Pepys was christended at Church of St Stephen, Norwich [Map].

On 04 Apr 1657 Thomas Hoverton Warner (age 76) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Oct 1671. My Lord Henry Howard (age 43) coming this night to visit my Lord Chamberlain, and staying a day, would needs have me go with him to Norwich, Norfolk [Map], promising to convey me back, after a day or two; this, as I could not refuse, I was not hard to be pursuaded to, having a desire to see that famous scholar and physician, Dr. T. Browne (age 65), author of the Religio Medici and Vulgar Errors, now lately knighted. Thither, then, went my Lord and I alone, in his flying chariot with six horses; and by the way, discoursing with me of several of his concerns, he acquainted me of his going to marry his eldest son (age 43) to one of the King's (age 41) natural daughters [Note. Either Anne Fitzroy Countess Sussex (age 10) or Charlotte Fitzroy Countess Lichfield (age 7).], by the Duchess of Cleveland (age 30); by which he reckoned he should come into mighty favor. He also told me that, though he kept that idle creature, Mrs. B-- [Note. Jane Bickerton Duchess Norfolk (age 28)], and would leave £200 a year to the son [Note. Henry Howard and Jane Bickerton had three sons; not clear which is being referred to since the eldest may have died and the reference may be to a surviving son.] he had by her, he would never marry her, and that the King (age 41) himself had cautioned him against it. All the world knows how he kept his promise [Note. meaning he didn't keep his promise since Henry Howard did marry Jane Bickerton - this a case of John Evelyn writing his diary retrospectively?], and I was sorry at heart to hear what now he confessed to me; and that a person and a family which I so much honored for the sake of that noble and illustrious friend of mine, his grandfather, should dishonor and pollute them both with those base and vicious courses he of late had taken since the death of Sir Samuel Tuke (age 56), and that of his own virtuous lady (my Lady Anne Somerset, sister to the Marquis); who, while they lived, preserved this gentleman by their example and advice from those many extravagances that impaired both his fortune and reputation.

In 1747 John Hobart 2nd Earl Buckinghamshire (age 23) was elected MP Norwich.

On 29 Dec 1803 Godfrey Bosville Macdonald (age 28) and Louisa Maria La Coast Hanover (age 21) were married at Norwich, Norfolk [Map]. She the illegitmate daughter of William Henry Hanover 1st Duke Gloucester and Edinburgh (age 60) and Almeria Carpenter (age 51). She a great granddaughter of King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

From Combretovium [Map] aka Baylham the Pye Road continues along what is now the A140 through Yaxley, Suffolk [Map] where it makes a slight change in direction, through Dickleburgh, Norfolk [Map], Long Stratton, Norfolk [Map] to Norwich, Norfolk [Map] from where it continues east to Venta Icenorium [Map] aka Caistor St Edmund.

Dorothy Hobart was born to Henry Hobart 1st Baronet and Dorothy Bell Lady Hobart in Norwich, Norfolk [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Austin Friars [Map]

In 1379 William Morley 4th Baron Marshal 3rd Baron Morley (age 60) died. He was buried at Austin Friars, Norwich [Map]. In 1379 His son Thomas Morley 5th Baron Marshal 4th Baron Morley (age 25) succeeded 5th Baron Marshal, 4th Baron Morley. Joan Hastings Baroness Marshal and Morley (age 22) by marriage Baroness Marshal, Baroness Morley.

On 23 Nov 1386 Cecily Bardolf Baroness Marshal and Morley died. She was buried at Austin Friars, Norwich [Map].

Around 1456 Margery de Clifton Baroness Hastings (age 37) died. She was buried at Austin Friars, Norwich [Map]; see Weever's Funeral Monuments Page 804: Dame Margery wife of Sir Edward Hafiings, and of Sir lohn l\pndbam,6^xx^htQtoiRobertClyfton, 145^.

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Carrow Road Stadium [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Church of St John the Baptist [Map]

On 09 Jan 1564 Margaret Audley Duchess Norfolk (age 24) died at Norwich, Norfolk [Map] following the birth of her fourth child. She was buried at Church of St John the Baptist, Norwich [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Church of St Peter Mancroft [Map]

In 1670 Archbishop Thomas Tenison (age 33) was presented with the living of Church of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Church of St Stephen [Map]

On 05 Jun 1621 Thomas Pepys was born to Talbot Pepys (age 38) at Norwich, Norfolk [Map]. On 15 Jun 1621 Thomas Pepys was christended at Church of St Stephen, Norwich [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Cow Tower [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norwich, Duke of Norfolk's Palace [Map]

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Oct 1671. Being come to the Ducal palace [Map], my Lord (age 43) made very much of me; but I had little rest, so exceedingly desirous he was to show me the contrivance he had made for the entertainment of their Majesties, and the whole Court not long before, and which, though much of it was but temporary, apparently framed of boards only, was yet standing. As to the palace, it is an old wretched building, and that part of it newly built of brick, is very ill understood; so as I was of the opinion it had been much better to have demolished all, and set it up in a better place, than to proceed any further; for it stands in the very market-place, and, though near a river, yet a very narrow muddy one, without any extent.

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Earlham Park [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Eaton [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Hellesdon [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Mousehold Heath [Map]

On 27 Aug 1549 the rebels were defeated by an army led by John Dudley 1st Duke Northumberland (age 45). Henry Willoughby (age 32) was killed at Mousehold Heath, Norwich [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Muspole Street

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Muspole Street, Church of St George [Map]

John Welles of Norwich was born to John Welles of Norwich. He was baptised at Church of St George, Norwich [Map].

Norwich Castle

Letters. After 1412. Letter XXXIV. Joanna de Kynnesley to King Henry IV (age 44).

Supplicates most humbly a poor and simple woman, Joanna de Kynnesley; that whereas John de Kynnesley, her husband, by hate and malice, was put in prison within the castle of Norwich [Map], where he has long lain through false suggestions, that it would please your most gracious lordship, for the love of God, and for the souls of your most noble faher and mother, whom God assoil, to grant and give to your said suppliant your gracious letters, sealed under your seal, made in due form, directed to the Sheriff of the county of Norfolk, charging and straitly commanding him to deliver up the body of the said John out of prison, that he may go at large, to an swer before your royalty, in case any one should accuse him; and she will pray God for you and for your progenitors for ever.

Calendars. 21 Jul 1461. Westminster Palace [Map]. The like to John Howard (age 36), king's knight, the office of the constableship and custody of Norwich Castle [Map] from Exeter lats, with the fees as in the times of Edward III and Richard II from the issues of the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Evelyn's Diary. 17 Oct 1671. Next morning, I went to see Sir Thomas Browne (age 65) (with whom I had some time corresponded by letter, though I had never seen him before); his whole house and garden being a paradise and cabinet of rarities; and that of the best collection, especially medals, books, plants, and natural things. Among other curiosities, Sir Thomas (age 65) had a collection of the eggs of all the fowl and birds he could procure, that country (especially the promontory of Norfolk) being frequented, as he said, by several kinds which seldom or never go further into the land, as cranes, storks, eagles, and variety of water fowl. He led me to see all the remarkable places of this ancient city, being one of the largest, and certainly, after London, one of the noblest of England, for its venerable cathedral [Map], number of stately churches, cleanness of the streets, and buildings of flint so exquisitely headed and squared, as I was much astonished at; but he told me they had lost the art of squaring the flints, in which they so much excelled, and of which the churches, best houses, and walls, are built. The Castle [Map] is an antique extent of ground, which now they call Marsfield, and would have been a fitting area to have placed the Ducal palace in. The suburbs are large, the prospects sweet, with other amenities, not omitting the flower gardens, in which all the inhabitants excel. The fabric of stuffs brings a vast trade to this populous town.

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Old Lakenham [Map]

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, St Saviour's Church [Map]

On 06 Aug 1504 Archbishop Matthew Parker was born in St Saviour's Church, Norwich [Map].

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Thorpe

In 1706 Bishop Thomas Tanner (age 31) was appointed Rector of Thorpe, Norwich.

Europe, British Isles, East England, Norfolk, Norwich, Whitefriars [Map]

In 1433 Edmund Barry died. He was buried at Whitefriars, Norwich [Map].

On 18 Aug 1479 Agnes Barry died. She was buried at Whitefriars, Norwich [Map].