Diary of Henry Machyn January 1553

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1553 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1553.

04 Jan 1553. The iiij day of January was bered master Robyn, alderman of London, dwellyngin Marke lane, and [buried at] Barkyng chyrche, and the strett hangyd with blake [and the ch]erche and with armes, and ther was a harold beyryng [his cote] armur and with iij penons of armes; and ther were the lord mere and the althermen at ys beryng, and ther [did] pryche doctur Borne, and ther was the compeny of [the fe]lowshyp of the Clarkes, and ther was gret compeny of morners, and he gayff a grett meyne of gownes .... ley for men to the nombur, and affter they whent to d[ener, for] thys was a-ffor none.

04 Jan 1553. The sam day a-ffor non landyd at the Towre w[harf] the Kynges lord of myssrulle, and ther mett with hym the [Shreyffes] lord of myssrulle with ys men, and every on havyng a reby[nd of blue] and whytt a-bowt ther nekes, and then ys trumpet, [druws,] mores dansse, and tabrett, and he toke a swaerd and bare yt a-fore the kynges lord of myssrulle, for the lord was gorgyusly a[rrayed in] purprelle welvet furyd with armyn, and ys robe braded with spangulls of selver full; and a-bowt ym syngers, and a-for hym on gret horses and in cottes and clokes of ... in-brodered with gold and with balderykes a-bowt ther nekes, whytt and blue sarsenets, and chynes of gold, and the rest of ys servands in bluw gardyd with whytt, and next a-for ys consell in bluw taffata and ther capes of whytt ... ys trumpeters, taburs, drumes, and flutes and fulles and ys mores dansse, gunes, mores-pykes, bagpypes; and ys mass .. and ys gayllers with pelere [pillory], stokes, and ys axe, gyffes, and boltes, sum fast by the leges and sum by the nekes, and so rod thrugh Marke lane, and so thrugh Grasyus strett and Cornhylle; and .... trompet blohyng, makyng a proclamasyon ... and so the kyng('s) lord was cared from the ... skaffold; and after the shreyffes lord; and the kynges [lord gave] the shreyffes lord a gowne with gold and sylver, and a[non] after he knelyd downe and he toke a sword and gayff [him three?] strokes and mad ym knyght, and after thay dran[k one to t]hodur a-pon the skaffold, and ys cofferer castyng gold and sylver in every plase as they rod, and [after his co]ffrer ys carege with hys cloth-saykes on horsseback; [and so went] a-bowt Chepe, with ys gayllers and ys presonars; and [afterwards] the ij lordes toke ther horssys and rode unto my [lord] mare to dener; and after he came bake thrugh [Chepe] to the crosse, and so done Wodstrett unto the shreyffes [house for] more (than) alff a nore, and so forthe the Olde Jury and Lo[ndon wall] unto my lord tresorer('s) plasse, and ther they had a [great] banket the spasse of alff a nore; and so don to Bysshopgate and to Ledenhall and thrughe Fanchyrche strett, and so to the Towre warffe; and the shreyff('s) lord gohyng with hym with torche-lyght, and ther the kynges lord toke ys pynnes with a grett shott of gonnes, and so the shreyffes lord toke ys leyff of ym and cam home merele with ys mores dansse danssyng and so forth.

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10 Jan 1553. The x day of January was the monyth myn of ser (Thomas) Wynsor (30) knyght, in the contey of (Buckingham?), with a harold and ys standard, ys penon of armes and ys cot armur, ys elmet, target, and sword, mantylles, and the crest a whyt hartes ede, hornes gold; and he was elldest sune unto the lord Wynsor (54) and here, and mared my lord Dakurs of the North (60) doythur (20)—the vj king Edward vj.

13 Jan 1553. The xiij day of January was put apon the pelore a woman for she wold have poyssoned her husband dwellyng with-in the Powlles bake-howsse, and the xiiij day she was wyped at a cart harsse [carts tail], and nakyd up-ward, and the xviij day folowhyng she was a-gayne apone the pelere [pillory] for slanderyng.... with the compeny of the ..

21 Jan 1553. The xxj day of the sam monyth rod unto [Tyburn] ij felons, serten was for kyllyng of a gentylman [of] ser Edward North knyght, in Charturhowsse cheyr[ch yard?]—the vij yere of kyng Edward the vj.