Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon

Coronation of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon is in May 1509-1519 Coronation of Henry VIII and Marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Letters and Papers 1509. 11 Jun 1509. 43. The Coronation. Commission to Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66), High Treasurer, George Earl of Shrewsbury (age 41), Steward of the Household, Sir John Fyneux (age 68), Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and Sir Th. Inglefield, to hear, in the White Hall within Westminster Palace, petitions of the King's tenants and others claiming to perform special services at the approaching coronation. Del. Westm., 11 June, 1 Henry VIII. S.B. (countersigned: Ri. Wynton, C. Somerset, Thomas Lovell.) [164.]

Letters and Papers 1509. 11 Jun 1509 and 23 Jun 1509. Tib. E. VIII. f. 100b. B.M. 81. Preparations For The Coronation.

A "device for the manner and order of the Coronation" of Henry VIII, "rightful and undoubted inheritor of the crowns of England and of France," by the whole consent of the realm chosen and required to be King, and also of the Princess Catharine daughter of Spain and Aragonne, his wife, Queen of England and of France, to be solemnised at Westminster, on Sunday, 24 June, 1509.

The King has proclaimed that all who claim to do services on Coronation day shall be in the White Hall at Westminster Palace, 20 June next, and has authorised the Earl of Surrey (age 66), Treasurer of England, the Earl of Oxford (age 9), Sir John Fyneux, Chief Judge, Sir Thomas Englefeld, and others to determine claims. He has ordered 26 honorable persons to repair to the Tower of London on 22 June, to serve him at dinner, where those who are to be made knights shall bear dishes "in token that that they shall never bear none after that day"; and on 23 June, at the Tower, they are to be made Knights of the Bath; "whose names follow in order as they were made," viz., Richard (sic) Radclyff Lord Fitzwater, the Lord Scroop of Bolton, the Lord Fitzhugh, the Lord Mountjoye, the Lord Dawbeney, the Lord Brooke, Sir Henry Clyfford, Sir Maurice Berkeley, Sir Thomas Knyvet, Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Sir Thomas Parr, Sir Thomas Boleyne, Sir Richard Wentworth, Sir Henry Owtrede, Sir Francis Cheyny, Sir Henry Wyotte, Sir George Hastynges, Sir Thomas Metham, Sir Thomas Bedyngfeld, Sir John Shelton (age 32), Sir Giles Alyngton, Sir John Trevanyon, Sir William Crowmer, Sir John Heydon, Sir Godarde Oxenbrige and Sir Henry Sacheverell.

Details follow at great length of the ceremonies to be performed, the decorations, dresses, &c., for each of the two days, the eve and day of the Coronation.

Letters and Papers 1509. 23 Jun 1509. 87. Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 31). To be Great Constable of England on 23 June only, viz., the day preceding the Coronation. S.B. [211.]

On 23 Jun 1509 King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 17) created Knights of the Bath ...

Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl of Sussex (age 26)

Henry Scrope 7th Baron Scrope of Bolton (age 27)

George Fitzhugh 7th Baron Fitzhugh (age 23)

William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy (age 31)

Henry Daubeney 1st Earl Bridgewater (age 15)

Thomas Brooke 8th Baron Cobham (age 39)

Henry Clifford 1st Earl of Cumberland (age 16)

Maurice Berkeley 4th Baron Berkeley (age 42)

Thomas Knyvet (age 24)

Andrew Windsor 1st Baron Windsor (age 42)

Thomas Parr (age 26)

Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 32)

Richard Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer (age 29)

Henry Ughtred 6th Baron Ughtred

Francis Cheney (age 28)

Henry Wyatt (age 49)

George Hastings 1st Earl Huntingdon (age 22)

Sir Thomas Metham of Metham, Yorkshire

Sir Thomas Bedingfield

John Shelton (age 32)

Either Giles Alington (age 26) or his son Giles Alington (age 10).

Sir John Trevanion

Sir William Crowmer

Sir John Heydon of Baconsthorpe in Norfolk

Goddard Oxenbridge

Henry Sacheverell (age 34).

Letters and Papers 1509. 23 Jun 1509. 88. Thomas Earl of Surrey (age 66). To be Marshal of England on 23 and 24 June, the latter day being appointed for the Coronation. S.B. [212.]

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1485-1509. 24 Jun 1509... and were both [King Henry VIII of England and Ireland (age 17) and Catherine of Aragon Queen Consort England (age 23)] crowned on Midsommer day.i

Note i. For the account of Henry's coronation with his queen, Kadiarine, see MS. Harleian. 169, Art 7.

On 24 Jun 1509 Henry VIII (age 17) was crowned VIII King England at Westminster Abbey [Map]. Catherine of Aragon (age 23) was crowned Queen Consort England.

Edward Stafford 3rd Duke of Buckingham (age 31), Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire and Ormonde (age 32) and Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk (age 66) attended. Henry Clifford 1st Earl of Cumberland (age 16) was knighted. Robert Dymoke (age 48) attended as the Kings's Champion. Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl of Sussex (age 26) was created Knight of the Bath and served as Lord Sewer.

Letters and Papers 1509. 24 Jun 1509. 82. The Coronation.

Coronation of the King:—Copies of warrants of various dates in May, June, July and August, 1 Henry VIII., for stuff provided by the Great Wardrobe against the Coronation of the King and Queen, and for their use and that of the Princess of Castile about that time. Folios 170–3 mainly refer to stuff for the nine henchmen and their master, and the five footmen (none named). Total for the King's coronation, 1, £749 8s. 4d.

Coronation of the Queen "le sage doctour"; Lady Eliz. Stafford, and seven other ladies and gentlewomen; Mrs. Mary Jernyngham; the Queen's stable; Sir Davy Owen, carver, and Richard Hastynges, cup-bearer for the King; Alexander Thrognall, chief carver, Edward Jernyngham, chief cup-bearer, and John Varney, chief sewer for the Queen; Sir Thomas Lovell, Treasurer of Household, Sir Andrew Wyndesore, Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, my Lord of Oxford (age 9), Great Chamberlain of England, the Abbot of Westminster, and the Queen's Chancellor and Confessor.

Ff. 191b. and 192 are occupied with wages of skinners and other necessary expenses. Total for the Queen's coronation, 1,£536 16s. 2½d.

At f. 193 begins the list of purchases of scarlet and red cloth from John Bounde, John Saxey and many other merchants, the totals being scarlet 1,641 yds., red cloth 2,040 yds., and the whole cost 1,£307 11s. 3½d. F. 196b. contains the list of white and green woollen cloth (240 yds. of each) as purchased for 100 persons of the King's Bench and 60 of the Marshalsea "bearing tipped staves at the coronation." Total cost of silks, scarlet, red cloth and necessaries, 4,£748 6s. 3d.

At f. 198 begins a list showing number of yards (of scarlet and red cloth, as appears by totals of each kind noted page by page) delivered to each of the following, viz.:—

Wriothesley's Chronicle 1485-1509. 24 Jun 1509. The coronationa of Kinge Henrie the Eight (age 17), which was the 24th of June, A.D. 1509.

Note a. In consequence of the erroneous idea that the Kings of England always ascended the throne immediately on the decease of the preceding sovereign, some authorities make the regnal years of Henry VIII. to commence on the 21st April, 1509, the day of his father's decease, but it is clearly established, as shown by Sir Harris Nicolas, that they ought to be computed from the day following, viz. April 22. The years in the text, howerer, are computed from Lord Mayor's day.

Letters and Papers 1509. 24 Jun 1509. 89. Edward Duke of Buckingham (age 31). To be Great Steward of England on 24 June, the day of the Coronation from sunrise until sunset. S.B. [213.]